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Carbon-F RollerBall
  • Carbon-F RollerBall
  • Carbon-F RollerBall
  • Carbon-F RollerBall
  • Carbon-F RollerBall
  • Carbon-F RollerBall
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Carbon-F Rollerball

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Item: AP13125
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Aerodynamic carbon fiber meets Art Deco design
Can a rollerball pen be high tech? Yes, when it’s made with genuine woven carbon fiber, as our Carbon-F pen is. The smooth acrylic barrel has the heft you’d expect from this high-performance material, with the added punch of a streamlined clip and gunmetal trim. The threaded cap posts.
  • An original Levenger design
  • Genuine woven carbon fiber encased in clear acrylic
  • Includes one rollerball refill in black, medium
  • 5 1/2L x 9/16 diameter; 1.59 ounces
  • We offer rollerball refills
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Carbon F Rollerball 3.9 5 7 7
Carbon-F Rollerball I wanted a pen for a gift that would fit a big man. This pen is well made, proportioned for the larger man's hand and is very distinctive looking. It writes very well and the person it was intended for is very pleased. Thanks for a great product at a very reasonable price. August 31, 2013
Overall Good Quality Pen I have used this pen on and off for a couple months. Overall I think it's a very high-quality pen with two slight issues. First, it's only available with black ink, as a person who uses blue ink almost exclusively I had to purchase refills in order to use the product. Second, as mentioned by another reviewer, the cap tends to pop off the back of the pen as you're writing. Because I use the pen almost exclusively at my desk I've taken to leaving the cap separate from the pen next to my pen holder when in use to avoid this annoyance. As for the feel of the pen and the quality of the writing it's easily one of the best I've used and I would highly recommend this pen to anyone. August 12, 2013
Pen Broke Too Easily I loved the pen for the two weeks that it was alive. It wrote beautifully and felt great in my hand. Then my good looking heavy pen fell out of my pocket, hit the desk and broke at the metal ring on the cap. Then I was sad. August 6, 2013
Somehat Surprised I purchased this pen in the Boston, MA store after trying in the store. I agree with other reviewers that that the stying and feel of the pen in my hand are wonderful. However, I have two complaints; 1) the ink flows erratically from the new pen, heavy to light. When heavy, its prone to smearing. 2) the cap when writing continuously "pops" off the pen when writing. I am planning on returning the pen. Note, I consider myself to long standing Levenger customer who's a bit surprised. July 29, 2013
Great Pen How great you ask, well I like the pen enough to write a review about it and that says a lot. I think I have written maybe 3 reviews on products, this being one of them. First thing I will say is that the pictures online do not do this pen justice. I really like how the pen feels in my hand, how well it seems to glide across the paper with ease and the overall weight of the pen. I like heavier pens, and this one is almost perfect. If I had to pick something about the pen to improve on, to be honest it would only be how smooth the cap threads on. It could be a little smoother, however it’s not very bad at all, just not as smooth as it could be. I would absolutely recommend this pen and Levenger to others. June 28, 2013
Awesome Pen I have an extensive pen collection, and many are from Levenger. This is by far the best pen I have ever purchased from Levenger. The style is reminiscent of the 1930's and 40's, what I consider the golden age of the fountain pen. I can see Winston Churchill, or Noel Coward, using this very pen as their "everyday work pen". If you are considering your first real fountain pen, or a collector like me always looking for an everyday work pen, this is the one. In addition to the style, the weight and balance is just right! This a real man's pen! June 16, 2013
Quality Item I ordered this pen and have been using it daily for the past month - high quality construction, styling, and comfort. A great value. February 6, 2013
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