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LTech Stealth Plus Twist Ballpoint with Stylus 4.8 5 4 4
Very Pleased I ordered this pen/stylus with full confidence that I would like it and I do! The pen is similar to my old Rotring multi-pen which is no longer available. The quality it top shelf, and the pen feel great in your hand; properly balanced too. November 23, 2013
L-Tech Stealth Ballpoint with Stylus Recently I exchanged the rollerball version for the lighter L-Tech Stealth Ballpoint with Stylus, and I am completely satisfied with the product and with Levenger's "no-hassle" return policy. The L-Tech Ballpoint with Stylus is a high-quality device and is perfectly balanced. I have tried many different devices combining a ballpoint pen and stylus, and believe the Levenger device is superior in every respect. August 20, 2013
Im Satisfied Overal I am very happy with my purchase but the high cost was hard to swallow. The pen has a great weight but I was not happy with the ink refill selections. I prefer a very fine point and the options were limited. The black finish is also disappointing because it is already coming of in places. All that said once I found an ink refill that I was satisfied with through another vendor and realized the poor color choice was my fault I am very happy with the pen. i am not experiencing the problems that others had with the tip not coming out far enough. June 22, 2013
L-Tech Stylus Stealth Ballpoint I had been waiting for this pen to be made in the stealthy black matte finish, and it was so worth the wait. I emailed product support and tweeted Steve Leveen several times with the suggestion and the timeline. Finally the day came that I was told " stay tuned coming in April... I was not disappointed .....and I am so glad I waited!! The L-tech ballpoint is a solid, quality product. It's black finish and heft along with its style lets you know that you have a well engineered pen in your hand. In the two weeks I have had this pen I have received a comment after comment from others everyday on how awesome a pen this is and how impressive it looks. I also enjoy having a pen that is not "off the shelf" and different from anyone else in the room, office or company!! I ordered the fine point blue ink cartridges from levenger as well..I can not get over the smoothness of these. No skipping, no scratching, just smooth ink flow ...what a pleasure! I keep a Moleskine large gridded notebook with me at all times to make quick notes on the fly. The ink perfect as the blue stands out from the gray grid lines and yet not so much that it bleeds through the other side of the page, outstanding. The mechanics of the pen (the twist turn to reveal the ballpoint) is satisfyingly perfect and once again reminds you of the quality that the pen offers. The stylus end is responsive and practical, saving me from carrying 2 pens now! You will not be disappointed at the great value with this sub $70 pen. I would buy this again and plan on buying more for gifts going forward. Plus I am now planning on getting the rollerball version for my desk May 11, 2013
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