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LTech Stealth Plus Rollerball with Stylus 3.7 5 7 7
Levenger LTech rollerball I find this pen a very comfortable rollerball with a good substantial feel. It is a bit thicker than I'd prefer, but not so thick as to be unwieldily. The stylus is great - the point is firm enough that it can accurately reproduce the motions I am using on my device - creating writing that looks like mine and drawings that look as intended. This, in my opinion, is itself is reason enough to go with this pen. November 4, 2013
Great Pen I loved the design when I saw it, and it is a great design. It is different than the usual barrel. It is hexagonal. It is heavy but balanced. Screws together well and comes apart easily. Only had it a few weeks, but love it. October 18, 2013
Well, It's Big... I had the Levenger ballpoint version of this pen and was pretty happy with it. But within 2 weeks of pretty light use of the stylus on my touch screen computer, the rubber on the stylus tip cracked. At that time, replacement stylus tips weren't availabel in the black, so I returned the pen. When I saw that Levenger now offered replacement tips in black, I ordered the rollerball with extra tips. I was aware it was going to be somewhat bigger than the ballpoint, but I didn't anticipate this. It is easily twice as big and much more than twice the weight of the ballpoint, which was a nice size, well-balanced, and an ergonomically comfortable pen. This pen is really too big in form alone. More importantly, the weight is a significant detractor -- too heavy and very, very unbalanced. If you put the cap on the end and write with it, it is so top heavy, it trys to fall out of your hand. I really did want to like this pen but it's not one that I would recommend because of the ergonomic problems. The listing did call it a large pen, but this was more than I expected. It does say "expertly weighted", which are reasonable person could easily interpret as properly balanced also. It absolutely is not. I'd return it, but since I had it monogramed, Levenger can't realistically resell it. I tend to be of the "caveat emptor" philosophy and their description wasn't misleading, so I'll live with my purchase. It will end up in my computer bag as a spare pen. All that said, the quality is there. I'll probably re-order the ballpoint with extra tips and get a gel ink cartridge for it and have a sort of rollerball that's a good ergonomic fit. October 15, 2013
L-Tech Rollerball and Stylus Design flaw has stylus on removable cap rather than on the end of the rollerball. Removing the cap leaves the stylus on the cap separate from the rollerball pen, defeating the purpose of an all-in-one instrument. Placing the cap on the rollerball makes the pen too heavy and unbalanced. August 12, 2013
Elegant Pen I purchased the L-Tech Stealth Plus Rollerball despite its name. As an architect I'm very picky about my writing/drawing tools. I hoped the pen would be a slightly heavy, easily graspable rollerball with a great feel - and it was! Not a cheap pen, but one I always carry now. It is excellent for drawing, writing, and using on the iPad as a stylus. I've had pretty good luck with product quality buying from Levenger including this time. July 16, 2013
Good Design Idea, Practical Problem i received this rollerball pen as a birthday gift. Like the idea of a combined rollerball pen with an iPad stylus. Pen writes well, but the pen cap is too loose and easily comes unscrewed when used as a stylus. It takes less than one full revolution to "tighten" the cap. Unfortunately, in use the cap unscrews itself quickly. Also, in your pocket the cap can easily come off allowing the pen to to ruin clothing. Good idea, needs better implementation. June 13, 2013
L-Tech Plus Stealth Rollerball with Stylus Finally, a heavier pen that fits my hand, the cap doesn't go flying off when I write, & it writes flawlessly with the rollerball refills from Levenger. I couldn't have designed it better and since it's always in my pocket or hand, I have no problems with chips or scrapes....besides, what's a little patina between friends?!? I gave value a 4 since I'm "Jones-ing" for a few more at a better deal (hint, hint!) & a 4 for quality since the threads do loosen a bit at times. Minor point. Thank You. -Miguel May 5, 2013
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