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LTech Stealth Ballpoint 3 5 8 8
Overpriced While this pen looks nice, feels good in the hand, and writes good, I feel that it is overpriced for the quality you get. I have much less expensive pens that write as well and look as good as this one. In all fairness, I have not had the pen long enough to judge the quality of the mechanism that extends and retracts the refill. The pen itself is fairly sturdy, but not enough to merit the purchase price. July 15, 2013
Good but can be much better I would first like to say the look, weight, and feel of the pen are exceptional. It writes very smoothly and I enjoy using it. With that said, when I received the pen, it seems as though it had been used before. The ink cartridge is worn and scratched all over and the box the pen came in wasn't in that great of shape. I know shipping could been the reason for the box, but the ink refill has clearly been used and worn. Also, the clicking mechanism is very rough and makes a scratching/ squeaking noise whenever it is clicked. June 25, 2013
Really like this pen! I've only had this pen a couple of weeks, but I haven't even picked up any of my others since receiving this one. The only thing I have noticed that may not be good is the threads don't feel quite perfect(there is a little wiggle all the way down until its tight). Other than that, I really is the perfect one for me! Thanks! June 8, 2013
Disappointed, again. This pen was bought for me as a gift last June, and by September the pen wasn't usable because the cartridge would not extend far enough to write with. A few months later I had gotten a replacement from Levenger (thanks!), which was wonderful. By that time I had started using some other pens and left the L-tech off to the side. I used it sparingly until a few weeks ago and now I find that it has the exact same problem. Currently it is almost impossible to use the pen. I've had 99 cent pens last longer than this one, and I'm just incredibly disappointed. September 16, 2012
Great Pocket Pen Nice weight without being heavy, comfortable to write for extensive periods with. Fits nicely in my sleeve pocket and securely fastens with the pen clip. The ballpoint writes smoothly, and feels good in your hand. Be aware, though, that the monogram will come out exactly as you type it, so mine is all lower case. February 18, 2012
Neat pen, but... I really, really want to like this pen. Sadly, as soon as I started using the pen it gave me problems. Well, really only one problem, but still a pretty obnoxious one - the cartridge does not extend fully from the pen, so I am left with a tiny nub to write with. It works great if I write with the pen perfectly straight up, but if I tilt it just a but too much the tip loses contact with the paper. September 24, 2011
threads.. this is my second l-tech (fountain pen was first). I love the feel and looks - it brings back memories of a long lost Rotring. However, both pens suffer from the same problem - the threads tend to unscrew rather easily - on numerous occasions, i'd find the fountain pen cap floating in the bottom of my bag, and the tip well clogged with dried up ink. in the case of the ballpoint, the body itself loosens rather quickly. i'm tempted to loctite it. August 15, 2011
Disapointed I was hoping that this pen would be a worthy replacement for my much used Rotring 600. While I'm very happy with the overall design of the pen, the very sloppy action of the clicker mechanism totally lets me down. It feels cheap and more often than not, it doesn't retract or extend the cartridge. You have to click it again and again to get it to work. Somebody need to take a close look at the design of the mechanism. Iyt seems to me to be either a design fault or shoddy manufacturing. Pens much, much less expensive than this one have very smooth actions, I believe this got past the quality control inspections. June 11, 2011
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