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True Writer Fountain Pen 4.6 5 11 11
A Beauty The black one shimmers with pearlescent charcoal and gray. I like medium nibs and this seems just right. It's a special everyday fountainpen. January 11, 2014
Best fountain pen for the money I have a modest collection of fountain pens. My daily writer for over a decade has been a True Writer. I give them to every high school graduate in my family, and espouse the delights of a fountain pen to all I work with. I have more expensive pens, but I continue to pick the True Writer up when I go to a meeting. If you are on the fence, buy one, you'll love it. July 10, 2015
Had to give myself a gift. I bought one fountain pen as a graduation gift and another as a treat for myself. I love writing in my journal using different pens. I really missed using a fountain pen. I remember penmanship was taught in school and we started with a fountain pen. I think the art of writing should return to schools. June 7, 2015
Great Pen I bought this pen as a graduation gift. Very elegant especially with the initials. Writing with a fountain pen is a wonderful experience. June 7, 2015
Elegant Writing Instrument The True Writer is a smooth writing and very elegant looking writing instrument. I am so happy to add it to my fountain pen collection. June 4, 2015
Great Pen My "go-to" graduation gift has become a fountain pen and rollerball / ballpoint. While the money they get is undoubtedly appreciated, this hopefully will give them something to keep and use for years. Knowing that the young lady this was purchased for was a fan of "blue", I was impressed with the way customer service found them for me in one of the stores and arranged shipping without any problems. As far as the pen itself, I am very pleased with the appearance and weight. I haven't inked and used it, since it is a gift, but have several similar pens from Levenger and have no doubt that the functionality is good. The size of this pen works well for either men or women, as it's not overly large or heavy (which is my own preference), but it has enough "heft" that it's not mistaken for a promotional or give-away pen. Probably the only concern that I have is that a medium nib in this style pen tends to lay down a relatively wet line, and if one isn't used to writing with a fountain pen you can forget and stack your papers up immediately, causing smearing. On the other hand, a fine point can be a bit of a challenge for someone not used to a fountain pen, and I don't want to discourage them from something that gives me such pleasure. I would strongly recommend this pen, either for your own use or as a gift. It is elegant and shows obvious thought on the part of a giver, plus it's solid enough for use as a "daily writer". June 4, 2015
Best Pen ever I love to write with this pen for everything...grocery lists, thank you notes, whatever. Beautiful style and quality. Easy to use. March 22, 2015
True Writers, excellent working pen Excellent quality, good workmanship as evidenced by how well the threads of the pen match. Size perfect, writes well, though I'd recommend fine point for most people. Very reasonably priced and on top of all that, it looks good too. What more could you ask for? This is a good everyday working pen. January 15, 2015
Good everyday pen A good everyday fountain pen. Lightweight, and the "fine" nib is a bit broader than I would prefer, but it inks well and has a good feel on paper. I do wish Levenger would make an extra-fine nib for these pens. December 25, 2014
Quoth the raven, nev m r After owning a Classic True Writer in blue bought 15 or so years ago that was a pain, I refrained from buying for a long time. I couldn't resist the Kyoto when it came out and had great luck with it as well as silver seas. It seemed that the problems were a thing of the past. So I took a chance on another classic in Raven (the earlier one is in blue) figuring that my experience would be like the Kyoto, perfect and fuss-free. And so it seemed to be initially. But not very long into writing with the raven, the ink flow would completely stop. Like others, I found many air bubbles accumulating in the converter and thought that this was the source of the problem. So I tried the usual cures for such things, an intensive cleaning of the internals using a dilute dish soap solution followed by blasting clean water through the feed. Problem solved...or not. So far as I can tell, this pen suffers the same problem as the blue one, a flaw in the feed that causes the pen to "starve" of ink from time to time. Flooding the feed manually fixes the issue, but it's still annoying. My Pelikans and Lamys never need such treatment, even the cheapest of the lot, the $35 Safari. I'll keep the pen because it is pretty and writes well enough, but True Writers are simply not built to the same exacting standards as their German competitors. For the same price point, you can buy a Lamy Studio (a safari dressed up to look more professional). Head to head, the True Writer is prettier, but much less reliable. Levenger ought to do better than this. October 29, 2014
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