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True Writer Foliage Fountain Pen 4.8 5 6 6
True Writer Foliage Review I have many True Writers, and think this is the most outstanding one color wise. I got a fine point one, as the nibs run broader than most. This one writes better than my others and everyone who sees it is very impressed with it. They think it is a VERY expensive pen. October 20, 2013
Smooth Writer Great addition to my Levenger collection of pens. have a ball point and another fountain pen. This one reminds me of New England's blazing foliage. It is a joy to use, glides over the paper leaving a broad string of characters easy to read-a consideration when you are advanced in years as I am. (88 years young.) I know I will add more fountain pens to my stash, since they were the instrument of choice in the 30's, when I began to journal. And I am still at it! April 24, 2015
Nice writer, finer line than the Kyoto As far as looks are concerned, I found the Kyoto a more beautiful-looking pen.  The photo on the foliage shows colors more vibrant than they really are.  The green is actually a more duller green and I think it would have been more attractive without the yellow.  The gold on the section that holds the nib seems a bit flashy, but the fine nib writes finer and nicer than the Kyoto fine for some reason, giving it a nicer experience.  I am tempted to switch out the nibs.  Overall nice writing, as for appearance it is very subjective. March 21, 2015
Worthy of six stars I purchased two of these TrueWriter pens; one fine point (for me) and one medium point (for my husband). I found the pens to be an exceptional value as they were on sale, and the quality is even better than my other TrueWriter pens. The nib is just a bit more flexible and a delight to use. My husband is enjoying his pen also. If I could give these pens six stars, I would! February 8, 2015
Love this pen! I bought the True Writer in cafe au lait in summer 14. I had never had a brand new fountain pen and this pen is tops. Writes every time and flows lovely. Unfortunatley, today I decided to treat myself to sign papers for our new house and I lost it. I have been so bummed all day. So I called Levenger and asked the person who answered if she knew pens. and you know what? She did. I wish I had gotten her name because she was so nice and helpful. When I described my pen she admitted she loved that pen and had one herself but they were discontinued. So I ran down the shortlist of the other pens I had my eye on and she was able to accurately describe the pens and help me pick the best replacement. PLUS she was able to locate 3 of the discontinued baby I had lost and gave me the contact info. What a helpful wonderful staff person. Levenger you should be proud. Not only do you sell great pens, but you hire excellent staff. thank you! January 22, 2015
grea pen, but color is off This pen writes like dream It is my favorite fountain pen. .. The one comment I have though, is that in the catalog and on the net the pen looked brighter than it is. When I received it had more brown and green and less yellow and red, which made it look drab in comparison to the photos. Unfortunately I used it before I really noticed it, and therefore I don't want to ask to return it, but had I known I would have bought the Café or the Kyoto version. As far as writing goes, though, is writes very well. . July 24, 2014
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