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poem Misplaced Fiesta True Writer and the Red True Writer was up and running with it's crack in the screw part of the nib and the missing silver band around the top cover showing off its smooth delivery of three letter initials and singing "I'll Be There" like the Four Tops. Love it and wishing for a Golden Tortoise True Writer Gotta start a wish list! April 14, 2010
Fountain Pen vs. Keyboard: NO CONTEST! A keyboard has its usefulness. None can deny its ability . . . to reach into the incredible expanse of cyberspace. But, my Levenger fountain pen . . . has a far greater reach, indeed. My elegant, nubbed companion . . . bridges that seemingly infinite gap . . . between my fingers and the blank page. No cyber-distance compares! It is as thought the ink that flows from my fountain pen’s tip . . . is somehow drawn from the well of my heart . . . and the soul of my imagination. . . . Both, places my keyboard will never find. Thank you, my friends at Levenger For making the journey possible! . . . over and over again. April 14, 2010
Fountain Pens Pens, fountain pens, I love pens to allow my ideas to flow. Ink, many colors of ink, I love pens with color to brighten my ideas. Nibs, fine, medium, broad, stubby, I love pens with fun nibs to expand my ideas. Pens of style, in colors, greeat designs, I love my fountain pens because they illustrate my ideas. April 14, 2010
Smoothly flowing, words Crawl from my pen to paper. True Writer, indeed! April 14, 2010
Loving my Levenger Fountain Pen, a poem My Kyoto Fountain pen is my favorite writing tool I use it for work, writing poems, doodling and school My Kyoto always flows, like a good fountain should I use it on paper, parchment, leather and even wood My collection is small but is sure to multiply As I add new fountain pens from Levenger's ample supply! April 14, 2010
One of my favorite pens I have about 30 fountain pens in my collection. I have different brands, different nib sizes, some expensive, some not. This pen is one of my favorites. Great size, great nib, good ink flow, and absolutely beautiful. If you are looking for a good, inexpensive but great quality fountain pen, you won't go wrong with this pen. Great pen for a very fair price. December 4, 2014
ProfessionalQ Awesome pen, glad I grabbed it while it was on sale. November 6, 2014
True Writer? 5 Stars On All Counts! I'd been searching for a well-made, beautifully crafted, richly colored, reasonably priced and smooth writing, modern fountain pen. The True Writer has exceeded ALL my expectations! I have bought other modern fountain pens but aesthetically they just didn't 'float my boat." The Kyoto True Writer is a gorgeous, many colored acrylic resin, which I can't take my eyes off. Most importantly, it writes buttery smooth, with a generous, wet, medium steel nib, which can be switched out with other offered Levenger True Writer nibs. The price is just right for the quality and these pens hold their value and are sought years after make date. I'm incredibly happy with my purchase and hope to add more True Writers in future. Great job Levenger! I'm sure to be a returning customer. September 4, 2014
My First Levenger This is the first Levenger pen I have owned and I must also confess that I am new to using fountain pens, but with that said - I love this pen. The weight and feel in my hand is exactly what I was looking for. The look of the pen is beautiful - stylish yet professional enough to use everyday in the office. The ink flows freely from the nib, resulting in a great looking script. My only (minor) complaint is that the cap is very difficult to screw on/off. It is a very tight fit and I'm hoping that over time this will resolve itself. Overall a great pen well worth the investment. August 28, 2014
...and the ideas flow I don't write poetry like many of the reviewers of this pen, but I can say that the Kyoto inspires. It feels good in the hand and is a joy to write with. And like the ink, the ideas flow when I use this pen. I have other fountain pens, including the gorgeous Otto Hutt Guilloche, but this pen represents the best value of all cherished pens. July 17, 2014
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