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True Writer Silver Seas Fountain Pen 4.9 5 11 11
My Favorite Pen! I have many fountain pens, but my Levenger True Writers are the ones I reach for most! They are always ready to write, and nibs are smooth and springy out of the box. The Silver Seas material is one of my favorites Levenger has ever done. If you use fountain pens, you should own at least one True Writer! July 3, 2014
Silver Seas Beauty Your description of this pen does not do it justice. I've never had a pen so beautiful. It's silver seas, but also dawn light. I have two true writers now, and am giving one for Christmas to a fellow writer. Wonderful to write with, effortless. It's hard to say enough. If you like to write with fountain pens, get a true writer. I think the silver seas and the Kyoto are the prettiest. July 3, 2014
Excellent purchase This is my fourth Levenger pen and I have been always pleased with the True Writers. I have a small handwriting so I prefer the fine nibs; on the other hand, I like a rather wet flow in a fountain pen. As everybody knows, these are two rather conflicting criteria. Earlier this year I also purchased the True Writers in cafe au lait and foliage finish. I have quite a few more expensive pens in my collection; however, I find myself going back to the Levenger pens more often than not. No hard starts, no skipping, it is hard to believe you can buy such a high quality pen for under $100. The writing experience is a true joy; the pens are very comfortable to use and one can write hours on end without any hand fatigue. I would highly recommend the pens from the True Writer line. Levenger nailed this one, no doubt about it. June 12, 2014
Like writing on ice I first tried the Kyoto, then bought the Silver Sea so I could have a True Writer in another color ink. The pen glides across the page with no resistance and no pressure so your hand doesn't get tired. Writing isn't the chore it was with other pens. I have scar tissue on my hand from surgery as a kid and the pressure of the pen when writing tends to inflame it. Because the True Writer doesn't require any pressure to lay ink on the page, that scar tissue doesn't get irritated and I can write for much longer periods of time. It has really helped increase my productivity! May 9, 2014
all around use quality pen I got into fountain pens last year and have several brands. I've wanted pens to use everyday and to carry with me and look professional without the accompanying high dollar price. The True Writer gives me that. I use varying papers and this pen is always smooth, has good lines and is easy to hold and use for a while. It functions in the ways I desired and looks good on my desk. May 8, 2014
Silver Seas True Writer Foundtain Pen I very fine, very easy writing pen. It should satisfy anyone who uses a fountain pen. Recommended highly. April 5, 2014
Fantastic pen The True Writer Sliver Seas is a beautiful design that is uniquely rocky looking and slightly iridescent. This gives a masculine elegance to it. The Silver Seas is a perfect fit for my medium sized hand and is comfortable and effortless to write with. As this was my first fountain pen purchase, there was a bit of a learning curve in writing with it, but I quickly learned to relax my hand and let the pen do the work. It gives a wonderful character to my handwriting and I find new reasons to use it. I love this pen and I will be buying another one. March 29, 2014
long time coming I bought myself a True Writer Silver Seas fountain pen and a bottle of Levenger ink for my sixty-ninth birthday. Since discovering fountain pens in Jr. High School, it is the smoothest-writing, most satisfying pen I have ever owned. I intend to order another True Writer today. March 17, 2014
Pleasure to use This is my second True Writer and I expect to add more over time in different colors. This particular color scheme is quite elegant (as is my other one in Kyoto). Quality construction and materials give it a heft and balance that make it a real pleasure to put pen to paper. I receive compliments on my True Writer pens frequently. December 28, 2013
True Writer Silver Seas This is a great pen. It writes very nice, and is a tremendous value. November 16, 2013
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