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2 Levenger Fiber Tip Refills

Price: $9.00
Item: PR1145
Use a fiber tip for a smooth write Levenger Fiber Tip Refills offer a smooth, effortless write, thanks to the fiber (felt) tip. Fiber tips are good for doing lots of signatures (think about those old Flair pens) and there are many people who swear by them.
  • Writing tip is spring loaded (with a polyester ink reservoir) to adjust to your writing pressure - a nice feature
  • Interchangeable with most rollerball refills (it fits the Levenger True Writer Rollerball perfectly)
  • Ink dries quickly, which is very helpful for left-handed writers
  • Write-out is .31 miles or 1,640 ft +/- 30%
  • Tube is nickel-plated brass, the front section is plastic with a stainless steel tube End plug and cap are in the color of the ink refill
  • Save when you purchase the set of 6 refills.
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Why Only Two at a Time? The blue extra-fine fiber tip refills for Levenger rollerballs are fantastic. They are fine enough to allow me to sign the books when I pass medications at work and there isn't enough space for a medium or larger pen, and the color is bold enough to be seen easily. The problem is that the blue extra-fine blue apparently cannot be purchased in the 6-packs, even though the black can, which means I have to cough up an extra $5 for the equivalent amount of refills. Now I use my pen less because using it makes me think about how I'm wasting money. July 24, 2012
Does not fit my Levenger pen This doesn't fit a pen I have from Levenger. I am not sure the name, nor could I find the pen on the website, so I had no way of knowing whether it would fit. Luckily it does work in another pen I have, but that doesn't help me much as I already have numerous refills for that device. Looks like I have to try another refill and hope it fits the Levenger pen I have. November 18, 2011
No red; extra-fine is not durable I've been asking Levenger for years to offer a red fiber-tip refill, but they haven't, so their fiber-tip options are of virtually no use to me. That said, I've tried all three sizes in black and the two larger ones work well, but extra-fine splits and dries out rather quickly. Plus, it is very "scritchy" on paper, so it's not much fun to write with. August 2, 2011
Fiber Tips Are Perfect for True Writers Fountain pens remain my first choice for writing and often for drawing but sometimes they just won’t do. On my desk are some gorgeous journals with paper that isn’t fond of fountain pen ink. So to give them a chance and possibly even make them useful, it seemed only fair to look beyond fountain pens for something suitable. With lots of help from my friends at my Inkophile.com blog, I found just the thing in the fiber tip pen. Courtesy of a very generous reader, I now have three Levenger True Writer Rollerballs loaded with Levenger Fiber Tip refills. The pen colors are Water Lilies, Mosaic, and Starry Night. From past experience with True Writer Fountain Pens, I knew I would like the size but that was just the beginning. It didn’t take long to discover that just like a fountain pen, the Levenger fiber tip takes a light touch. It isn’t as smooth as a True Writer fountain pen nib but the ink flow is very consistent. That steady flow of ink did produce some ghosting on the back of absorbent paper but just with the broad tip. The extra-fine had less trouble. In fact that nice chunky broad line will make me reach for the TW instead of a Sharpie when I’m out and about. The line isn’t as wide as a Sharpie but the pen looks far more more upscale and professional. The black ink resists water if imperfectly. However, it is odorless unlike the Sharpie. That alone makes it a winner! The downside is the limited range of ink colors for fiber tip refills. Black and blue are just too ordinary for someone accustomed to a range of fountain pen inks. Levenger could add a blue-black and red at least but other colors would be welcome, too. The True Writer comes in such a variety of colors that it is a pity the ink can’t keep up with the promise of the pens. The fiber tips are available in extra-fine, medium, and broad so that’s a bit more interesting. According to the package, they measure 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, and 2.0 mm. The broad tip doesn’t really produce a line that wide unless you bear down hard and that would spoil the tip. Still it is considerably wider than the extra-fine so if you like a bold line, go for the broad size. Bored at your board meeting? Doodle away with that fiber tip or take notes in two sizes to keep things interesting. You can do this with a single pen by varying the angle. Unlike a fountain pen nib, the medium and broad fiber tips have a huge sweet spot. A 90° angle to the paper yields the tips finest line. A 45° angle produces a much wider line. An even lower angle will make a line three times the width of the finest line. Writing isn’t workable at that angle but it’s great for bold underlining or a stout moustache on that caricature of your boss. Well, writing ought to be fun, right? Full review at http://inkophile.wordpress.com/2010/03/22/a-variation-on-the-levenger-true-writer-theme/. March 23, 2010
Disappointing I tried these for a change (I usually write with a fountain pen) and I was very disappointed. They are smooth, but they feather very badly. That is, on most paper I've tried, the ink easily absorbs into the paper, forming splotches or irregular lines if you write too slowly. Also, the .8 mm extra fine is like a medium in felt tip pens. On the positive side, the color covers well and they write with a much lighter touch than roller ball cartridges. August 5, 2008
Excellent Quality Line It's probably just me, but the standard rollerballs never work very long. They don't put down a solid, continuous line with a nice rich color. For some reason, they tend to clog up fast and I never get the full life out of them. These new fiber tip refills from Levenger are perfect, though. The line is clean, dark and consistent. The point stays free from clogging and lasts a long time. I had a bunch of nice roller ball pens that I had bought from Levenger and others over the years that I had stopped using. Now I'm using them again and they've breathed new life into the pens and my writing. February 29, 2008
Ink Refills These refills are wonderful! The action is smooth, the ink solid and although not designed for it - they fit just fine within my Mont Blanc fineliner. I am delighted to have found them. February 1, 2008
Writes well, but bleeds through paper Overall these refills write very well on a variety of paper types. My only complaint is that they bleed through the paper in my prefered notebook (Moleskin) to such a great degree that if you write on both sides of a sheet the whole thing becomes a mess. On other papers this isn't so much a problem and would heartily recommend them. November 7, 2007
Man match this with a True Writer and its GOLD I got this as a replacement for my True Writer Metalist Roller Ball since I did not care for the cartridge that came with it. TOTAL LOVE it. Works well and matches the stylish pen perfectly. October 19, 2007
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