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LTech Plus Ballpoint Twist with Stylus 4.7 5 24 24
Like getting new perfomance tires! I've been looking and looking at this pen... the only problem I was having was choosing a color. Once I received this beautiful pen, I couldn't wait for the test drive. It's such a smooth ride across the paper, I was thinking it was like getting new tires on a car. Plus, the stylus is the best! I've tried many, but most wouldn't keep the stylus to the screen, they would hit with the metal portion. This one glides along my touch screens safely, smoothly and accurately! Love this pen & stylus!!! November 18, 2013
nice stylus pen This pen is a bit heave but weighted nicely for balance. It writes very well and smoothly. Levenger customer service is very good if you need help or have questions. November 16, 2013
my pen This is the first time I am very disapointed in my purchase. The pen was expensive but not worth it. I think the stylus is ok but the flluidity of the pen is not there. The price is too much for what you get.. November 16, 2013
Good Investment I was hesitant to purchase the ballpoint stylus pen because I thought it was expensive. I have several mugs of free and inexpensive ballpoint pens and really don't need another pen. Since everything that I have purchased from Levenger has pen high quality, I decided to order the pen. I'm really glad that I purchased this pen. I do a lot of writing and frequently refer to information on my iPhone as I write. By using the stylus, I make fewer errors when entering information. I use the other end of the pen as I'm writing. The pen writes well and is very comfortable to use. I love using it. I have received compliments on the pen too, so others have noticed it. I'm glad that I bought this and highly recommend it for people who have to write a lot. I'm thinking of purchasing some of these pens for gifts. November 2, 2013
Pretty Perfect Pen Got the silver one. Usually a rollerball person but felt that might be too big to use as a stylus so got the smaller ballpoint. The weight and feel is great after years of writing with uniball pens. It writes quite smoothly but not as smoothly as a rollerball nor as smoothly as some disposables Ive used. Perhaps it's the point size that shipped with the pen and a wider diameter would be smoother. But it feels great in the hand and looks tight. The stylus is great. I love being able to use it all those times my fingers are just too big for accuracy. Will also be great in winter when wearing gloves. The ink and stylus replacements are cheap so planning on stocking up on those right away... October 12, 2013
Combo Pen A high-end ballpoint pen and stylus. I purchased one for a dear friend who, after a second career, went back to college for a degree in graphic arts. This implement is perfect for him. Unlike many disposables in the marketplace, the Levenger stylus-pen is a keeper. Made of metal, but not too thick, it is comfortable to the grip even for long-term writing. It is substantial with a heavy duty twist mechanism to deploy the nib. And then, of course, there is the wonderful Levenger ballpoint refill. Previously available only in black, Levenger now offers this implement in a half-dozen, stylish colors. My friend loves the lavender one. I think you will too -- if you're looking for a somewhat hefty dual-purpose writing implement. September 28, 2013
Great Pen I am not a pen person and have used disposables forever. However, I really needed a stylus and having a pen in addition seemed like a great idea. I like a small diameter pen and this one fits my hand well. It has good weight and balance and the ink just flows! Glad I decided to purchase, now just hope it doesn't disappear when I travel! September 18, 2013
Nice stylus/pen Purchased this pen for my husband and myself as I am always in search of this combination instrument that works. The stylus performs great as I have purchased many which start off great but lose function after a while. The pen writes nicely and is not to big. My husband is pleased with his too. I am planning to buy more to give as gifts. September 7, 2013
beautiful pen-stylus Like having a stylus and pen in one. Love the new colors. So far every thing is working well. Levenger always has quality products. August 31, 2013
Love It! I purchased one for my wife too and we both love the pens. Exactly as described. Excellent feel in your hand and the weight is excellent too. Levenger has done it again with producing a quality pen the is multi purposed. Order it, you will be very happy. August 23, 2013
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