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LTech Rollerball 4 5 22 22
great looking and well made, but TOO HEAVY!!! i prefer a weighty pen with some heft, but this one is OVER THE TOP. i had no idea you could possibly create a pen that weighs too much, but levenger managed to pull it off. my hand literally starts cramping after only a few minutes of note-taking. aside from not being able to use it for extended writing, the pen is VERY WELL MADE and looks the business. unfortunately, i need a pen i can use in meetings to take rapid-fire notes...and this pen just gets in the way. November 30, 2012
Excellent quality, draws attention The quality of this pen is fantastic. It is one of the pens that stays out on my desk new to my circa notebook, and I use it extensively. It is hefty, feels solid in the hand, and the ink flow is superb. When I am writing, people in the room have actually stopped talking and asked what it is and where to get one. April 14, 2012
For your pen workouts The pen writes like a dream. Smooth, clean,precise. My two complaints are that it's a little heavy, and a long writing session can lead to hand cramps. It's also on the large size; at times I feel like I'm back in first grade with those giant pencils they used to give us. As a result, I tend to write larger. October 23, 2011
L=Tech Great Pen ! Nice and Hefty with smooth flowing and quick drying ink. Gave it as a gift to my husband and he will not part with it October 22, 2011
Fantastic! I use this pen all day long. The feel is fantastic. I did have a few problems with the cap, but the wonderful folks at Levenger have addressed this in style. I think I'll be asking Santa for the fountain pen this year... September 26, 2011
A great pen This pen is an absolutely fantastic value. I purchased it as a replacement for my Rotring 600 rollerball that I misplaced, and I must say it is a great replacement! The pen itself weighs about the same as the Rotring 600, although it is noticeably thicker. To be sure, it is a large pen, and the size threw me off at first. It does take a little getting used to, but after a couple of hours of writing with it, you barely notice the size. The rollerball refills offered by Levenger are first-rate. I purchased a couple "fiber tip" refill to try with this pen, and I much prefer the rollerball, as they tend to give a little more "feedback" as you're writing. As an aside, this pen will also accept Mont Blanc rollerball refills, should you want to give the pen a little "upgrade." It is a snug fit, but not bad. The pen itself is built like a tank, and you can feel the quality oozing out the first time you pick it up. The clip is quite solid, and the cap posts securely while writing. It is a heavy pen, but along with the size, the heft is something that doesn't take long to get used to. My ONLY beef with this pen so far is one that has been noted in other reviews. Namely, the threads on the inside of the cap are plastic, whereas the threads on the pen itself are metal. In my mind, this is an absolutely terrible combination, and although it has yet to cause any problems, I can imagine the day that someone (maybe even me) screws the cap just a little too tight and strips out all of the plastic threading. If Levenger is going to alter the design of this pen in the future, they would be smart to put metal threads on the inside of the cap -- this change alone would elevate this pen to the status of an heirloom. July 14, 2011
Levenger Listens I too had an issue with this product. I purchased it when it first came out, howver I recently obtained a new pen and they have fixed the problem with the cap.!! The have longer threads, and the cap now fits snugly on the end when writing. Thanks for listening Levenger!!! June 8, 2011
Very Nice Pen Levenger must have worked out the issues that others have noted with the pen cap. The cap is metal, and stays on well. The pen was a bit larger than I had expected (I am used to the size of the L-Tech pencil, which is much smaller), but I got used to it easily. A good pen for the desk or briefcase/handbag, not so much for the shirt pocket (for men). It writes like a dream. April 15, 2010
49 cents to a better pen The LTech is an amazing pen that has so far ruined a sweatshirt, a sports coat, and my sofa. I love the weight and the style, but all of the reviewers who have described the problem with the cap are absolutely correct. No matter what you do or how you carry it, the cap will eventually work its way off. However, there is a solution! I bought a 49-cent o-ring at my local hardware store and put it at the base of the threads. Now, when I tighten the cap, the o-ring holds it in place. Actually looks pretty stylish, too. April 3, 2010
loose cap makes this worthless to carry The cap on this heavy pen has little resistance and the threads are only a 1/7th turn. The pen WILL come unscrewed in your pocket. I stopped carrying it in my pockets and carry it by the clip in a portfolio. So now instead of falling out in my pocket the pen unscrews itself and falls out on the ground. Luckily, it's heavy enough that it makes a lot of noise so I haven't lost it yet. But I have ruined several ink cartridges when they hit the ground. March 19, 2010
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