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Visconti Rembrandt Ballpoint

Price: $155.00
Item: AP1948
Building bridges with a beautiful Italian ballpoint pen
A universal symbol of friendship and diplomacy, a bridge denotes the effort of reaching across a divide to establish a connection. This imagery is captured in the renowned bridge clip of this Visconti ballpoint, which clings onto a pocket gently yet firmly.
  • Silver band brandishes the Rembrandt-motif signature and majestic filigree flourish
  • Deploys with a twist
  • Variegated marbled resin — no two are exactly alike
  • Resin design is based on Rembrandt's use of chiaroscuro — adding lighter hues to a dark foundation image
  • Ballpoint ink is unusually smooth, similar to rollerball ink
  • Made in Florence, Italy
  • 5 1/2L x 7/16 diameter, 1 oz
  • We recommend Levenger ballpoint refills
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Visconti Rembrandt Ballpoint 4.2 5 5 5
visconti makes wonderful pens. This is my second one. I bought the last one 8 years ago and it is still wonderful. I just wanted a RED pen and a beautiful red it is! Writes beautifully. September 17, 2013
Sorely disappointed I purchased a Levenger brand pen as a Christmas present for my husband, who is a collector of pens, and decided to then splurge on myself with a different Levenger brand pen. I loved the pen so much that I decided to step into a little higher price range for a Valentine's day present and again treat myself as well. So I bought the Rembrandt fountain pen for my husband (since he prefers a fountain pen) and the Rembrandt ballpoint for myself. i don't recall a problem right off the bat, but after a day or two of using the pen, it began writing sometimes and then not writing, and then writing again, resulting in parts of letters missing in all of the words on the page. I kept using it hoping that it just needed to be "broken in" after perhaps just sitting unused for awhile prior to buying it, but it did not improve over the next few days and my notes looked horrible. I was ready to send the pen back and then decided to try to change out the Visconti ink cartridge, using one of the Levenger refills that I purchased with my first pen, hoping that it was not the pen itself that was defective (because I love the look of the pen). Fortunately, the Levenger refill took care of the problem. However, I am still disappointed. Some of the luster of using the pen is gone, because of the initial experience with it having been so unpleasant. Also, it is sad that the same brand ink cartridge that came with the pen operated worse than a new cheap pen. It makes me wonder about the quality of the pen itself and causes concern regarding what I can expect in terms of the life of the pen. Crossing my fingers that there is no problem with my husband's pen, which he has yet to receive. February 13, 2015
Great Writing Instrument, Dissapointing Quality As an attorney, I do a lot of writing. I have always had a passion for quality pens, so I ordered the Visconti Rembrandt balpoint several months ago in the blue resin. It is a beautiful writing instrument, and I like the fact that it came with the Visconti gel refill. The refills are compatible with Parker ballpoint and gel refills, but I ordered some Levenger easy flow ballpoint refills in blue which worked great. However, I noticed today that the silver cap on the top of the pen that has the Visconti insignia is missing. Apparently, it was cheaply glued on. I just noticed this, so this is something that could have happened weeks ago since I only use the pen occasionally. This is a problem experienced by another reviewer who purchased the rollerball version of this pen. I agree that it detracts from the appearance of the pen and may be a widespread problem that Visconti needs to address. For the price paid for this pen I expect better craftsmanship. I am back to using my trusty Cross Townsend rollerball full time as it has proven its durability, and will probably give the Visconti away to somebody who isn't as particular as I am about the missing cap. May 9, 2012
What a find! As a pen lover and collector I am delighted with the style and performance of my newest addition .... Visconti. I bought it as a gift for a family member but ended up adding it to my own collection. Warning: may be addictive. Do not think you can resist this perfectly balanced, beautifully appointed instrument. October 30, 2010
Eloquently Designed Pen Eloquently crafted of smooth resin with a slim design. Like writing on a cloud...ultra light and smooth ink flow. Variated color shading gives it a unique look. Antique feel boasts from the engraved silver trim and signature appointment. September 2, 2010
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