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LTech Fountain Pen 4.3 5 28 28
Excellent Pen - good response to problem I purchased the L-Tec as a new user of fountain pens. Compared with two others this was excellent- it has a screw on cap and is well machined- reducing the chance of leakage. I didn't like the thickness of the line but Levinger immediately sent a fine nib (would actually like a "very fine" one. I was so satisfied I bought one for my daughter and have ordered a second one for myself (to leave at work). Also- so far it writes immediately even when it's sat for a few days June 26, 2014
Excellent Product!! This is precision instrument!. It has been made with exacting standards and attention to fine details. I can make this claim as I am using this product regularly. The proof came when I misplaced this pen and found it after eight months. I was afraid that due to eight months of non-use the ink might be dried up and I will have to clean it before it will work again. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the cap and used the pen, the ink flowed smoothly and the pen worked just fine! I would highly recommend this pen to anyone. April 21, 2014
A sturdy pleasure This is a fountain pen for people who use like to use old hand tools, as opposed to those who like to collect old hand tool. It’s not a Rotring 600, but it is a sturdy, handsome, EDC pen that is backed by fantastic service. I had a problem with the original nib (baby’s bottom) and Levenger replaced it quickly and with no questions asked. Later, I replaced the original nib with the stub (this is an ~ 0.7 – 0.8 stub) which really made this a distinctive writer that is simply a pleasure to carry and use. Be forewarned that the pleasures of this pen are a matter of personal preference. The pen is metal, so the pen is HEAVY. The pen posts (fairly) securely, but you wouldn’t want to post it (again, HEAVY). The stub nib is NOT buttery smooth, but provides a pleasant feedback that tells you that you working with a particular (maybe quirky) writing tool. Complaints – well a minor one. I use this pen with a converter and it will periodically begin to run on the dry side so that I have to give the converter a twist to prime the feed. If you are the kind of person who likes to tweak mechanisms, this won’t bother you; you may even find it somewhat satisfying. A different ink (I use mud a.k.a. Noodler’s Bad Black Moccasin), or cartridges may solve the problem. I prefer to continue tweaking the converter. Also, and this may be a feature and not a bug, you can’t get the clip off without feeling like you will damage it. The pen would look even cooler than it does, without the clip. It would be nice if it were removable. Finally, if you have the type of job where you have to move between the office and the floor (or field) and yet you still want to carry a fountain pen, this is one that you won’t have to worry about mashing, dinging or scratching. You may do all those things, but the pen will still write and have a little character to boot. Even if you drop it on the nib, you can replace that in a few days. April 13, 2014
Gift for Coworker I have several fountain pens that are high quality, and most are cutom made. One of my coworkers was jealous of my pens and always complimented me on the style. So to returb a favor I wanted to get a nice fountain pen without breaking the bank, and the pen delivered! I went with engraving which came out nice and the pen functions smoothly. Very much worth the price. Needless to say id recomend this to anyone looking to give a classy gift. March 29, 2014
Almost perfect So far I love this pen. It writes VERY smoothly. It has a pretty stiff nib, that writes very consistently. The pen is a bit fatter than I expected, but I still very much like the design. My only issue with the pen so far is that when I leave the pen in my pocket, the cap has a tendency to loosen, and sometimes the nib will do that as well. The last thing is that the barrel is very tight to fit past the top of the converter.. It fits, but only with a bit of a push, which means I have to be careful with taking the barrel off as to not pull the converter off with it. March 10, 2014
Good pen --- and takes TWSBI nibs I bought this at the local Levenger store --- in fine point. I like the weight of the pen, its length, balance (unposted), and the cool feel of the metal barrel. However I prefer a narrower line. It turns out that this pen uses the same nib and feed manufacturer as the TWSBI 580 --- just take the chromed collar off the TWSBI nib/feed assembly and it screws right into your L-Tech. So I bought a TWSBI EF nib online and it's perfect! Both the original nib, and the replacement were smooth and without problems. I was fortunate to get the pen at a substantial discount --- Levenger was discounting them and the store was running an extra 20% off. So I paid about 60% of the usual price --- hence 5 stars for value! March 6, 2014
Nice Pen! I purchased the silver L-Tech fountain pen a few weeks ago and have been using it regularly. Bottom line is it feels good and writes nicely. It is solid and heavy in your hand, although maybe the knurled grip could use a little more "bite". I use this pen un-posted as the cap is rather heavy. The nib is smooth and I have not had any problems with skips or hard starts while using a Levenger cartridge. I like that a converter cartridge was included. Now I need to get the black Stealth model! March 1, 2014
Good Pen It's a little bigger than I pictured it, but it's nice. The writing is good. I use Waterman ink and absorbent paper. It's not delicate, but I could crank on the cap and break the plastic threads inside the cap, but it's easy to avoid breaking it. I have a high quality pen I bought at an art-show from a guy who carves them out of reindeer antler, for about the same price, and it a lot more durable. The dropper is made of cheap plastic and not compatible with my Waterman converts (droppers). For the price I would have appreciated all metal threads, but it's a pretty pen, affordable writes good, feels good. It might take a little getting used to, but it's worth the price. I wanted more, but I've happy with what I got. February 10, 2014
great pen - cap comes off :( I loved my L-Tech pen. Not only it writes very well and is well-balanced (without the cap, for my small hands) but it looks terrific. I absolutely love the industrial look and the matte-silver color. But. But after a couple of years of use, the threading that is used to close the cap has worn off. Now the cap will not stay on. So I cannot put the pen in my shirt pocket. Or in any pocket... I can only keep it upright in my pen-holder. Too bad, because I really love this pen. Now I have second thoughts about buying another Levenger pen... January 29, 2014
Classy Solid Pens II own both the silver and stealth models. These pens are super sturdy (both body and nib) as well as having simply classic tech designs. They are worthy successors to the old Rotring models. IF I did not keep losing them, I'd still be writing with the first one I bought more than a decade ago. I highly recommend these items (silver and black stealth). September 7, 2013
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