L-Tech Plus Fountain Pen with Stylus (M)
  • L-Tech Plus Fountain Pen with Stylus (M)
  • L-Tech Plus Fountain Pen with Stylus (M)
  • L-Tech Plus Fountain Pen with Stylus (M)
  • L-Tech Plus Fountain Pen with Stylus (M)
  • L-Tech Plus Fountain Pen with Stylus (M)
  • L-Tech Plus Fountain Pen with Stylus (M)
  • L-Tech Plus Fountain Pen with Stylus (M)
  • L-Tech Plus Fountain Pen with Stylus (M)
  • L-Tech Plus Fountain Pen with Stylus (M)
  • L-Tech Plus Twist Ballpoint with Stylus
  • L-Tech Plus Twist Ballpoint with Stylus
  • L-Tech Plus Twist Ballpoint with Stylus
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L-Tech Plus Fountain Pen with Stylus

Price: $89.00 Now $48.95 Save 45%
Item: AP12490
A precision-engineered fountain pen with computer stylus
Levenger proudly debuts a fine writing instrument worthy of both paper and screen, bringing together the best of both digital and traditional technologies. L-Tech is not just a pen, it’s a power tool -- and now it boasts the best of both heritage and digital technologies. The L-Tech Plus Fountain Pen, crafted in solid brass, puts the tangible pleasure of a precision tool in your hand, and includes a stylus.
  • Stainless steel nib
  • Expertly weighted for a satisfying heft
  • Brass barrel with a metallic chrome finish
  • Barrel starts off faceted, which keeps it from rolling off your desk, and finishes in a smoothly textured grip for comfort
  • Takes a cartridge or converter (included)
  • Barrel has room to accommodate a spare cartridge
  • Silicone rubber stylus tip on cap screws off for replacement
  • 5 5/8L x 5/8 diameter; 1.69 oz
  • We offer bottled ink and ink cartridges
  • We offer stylus replacements
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LTech Plus Fountain Pen with Stylus 4.3 5 32 32
Weight I noticed this pen in the catalogue right away. I looked at all the others but kept coming back to this one. Unfortunately, it is too heavy for me. I think one thinner and a little lighter would be perfect! I think I would recommend this more for a male. I had bought this to start my first journal as I am retiring and wanted to begin some adventures worth keeping track for my grandchildren and children. July 21, 2014
Old meets new My husband is a fountain pen lover from ages past. He is only just now being dragged kicking and screaming into the world of tablets and android phones. So this pen helps him bridge both worlds. He likes the weight, since his hands are large. July 18, 2014
Best pen in collection The Levenger L-Tech Stylus Pen has become the best pen in my collection of over a dozen fountain pens. I am writing this review with the stylus tip of the new pen. The nib writes smooth and bold, with no skips or stops. If you like a hefty barreled pen with a comfortable textured tip, this is the pen for you. Congratulations Levenger, on a great product. July 17, 2014
Wonderful Product "This pen has made me write more than ever, with the added bonus of the touch screen screen technology. The nib is finely weighted between fine and medium, which I really love. The stylus doesn't drag and the pen is well balanced. Since I have a hard grip and fine light weight pens have my finger muscles aching after a long writing spell, this pen thickness, has me, writing with less muscle and I love the feel of the pen's weight. I've purchased a lot from Levenger, but this is my all time favorite!" July 17, 2014
Old and new tech combination I have both the fountain pen and rollerball versions of these instruments that combine my love of writing (especially with a fountain pen) and new touch screen technology. The fine nib appears to be between fine and medium, but that is okay. The stylus does not drag and the pen is well balanced with or with the cap attached. While a little thicker than imagined, I like the substantial feel of both pens. July 10, 2014
Nice useful product I have a set of aluminum finish Rotring writing instruments and the spring tab that keeps the cap on the fountain pen broke. Cap won't stay on so I really can't use it. I bought pen to replace it. Similar enough look. It has the added functionality of the stylus. More function than the Rotring. So all is good. July 4, 2014
Wonderful Pen meets Technology As a fountain pen lover, this pen is an amazing value and quality. Smooth nib, great flow, weight, feel and look makes this a great purchase! Now add the wonderful touch/stylus and this is amazingly useful. I have an iPhone case that will never let me get to the first character on a line and this does. Cold weather? No problem and I am happy to put away all the "digital" gloves that either don't fit and don't work. This is a stylish product and a welcome addition to my fountain pens, and one that I use daily. Great job Levenger! June 22, 2014
"Fine" tip is not Fine CON: The "Fine" tip is more Broad than Fine. PRO: Great weight and feel. I've used fountain pens for the past 16 years. I've used a Lamy Fine Point since 2006 and been very happy with it's performance. The L-Tech Plus Fountain Pen looked great and I had the chance to try one in the Tyson Corner store while on a trip in the area. The pen felt nice in my hand and had great balance. I held off ordering because the store only had broad tipped pens available. I ordered the L-Tech Fountain Pen with a "Fine" tip. However, I've been very disappointed with the performance since it writes more like a Broad tip. The pen would get 5 stars across the board if it was really Fine tipped. I would NOT recommend the pen to someone looking for a true Fine tip. However, if you are not concerned about the width of the pen mark then this is a good pen. April 5, 2014
Remember, it's a fountain pen This is a good pen, but as with any fountain pen, one can shake ink into the cap with rough handling. The stylus feature and the weight of the instrument can make you forget that - as with any fountain pen - rough handling will move ink from the reservoir and leave you with a messy grip, nib, and inner cap. April 5, 2014
Stylus with an analog twist This is a genuine blend of old and new school. Anyone can make a ballpoint or roller-ball with a touch-screen stylus but Levenger is one of the few to attempt this with a fountain pen. The only drawback (for me) is that I typically prefer a solid gold nib and in fact, this was my only struggle with this pen. In my experience, Stainless Steel just doesn't lay down the ink.. or so I thought ... I did have some problems keeping the nib from drying out but it must have been the ink I was using with the converter that was supplied as switching to ink cartridges seemed to remedy the problem. Combining a highly functional (replaceable) conductive-rubber stylus with the traditional fountain pen, you can now take notes with real ink and paper while making notes and entries on your touch-screen device. I have an iPad and iPhone and an HP Touchmart computer. The stylus has just the right amount of firmness to lay a clean and accurate electronic ink line even through screen protectors... by-the-way, also try it on your touch-screen laptop or desktop; very nice indeed. The conductive-rubber stylus end unscrews from the derby end of the cap and can be replaced with parts available for this purpose from Levenger in sets of two. The Stainless nib is made in Germany with the Levenger logo and can actually completely detach from the pen for cleaning and or replacement... I suppose going to a different type of nib is also possible though I haven't seen this option made available. It takes both standard and international (larger) refills or you can carry a spare standard refill in the barrel in lieu of using the supplied converter. The entire unit has a pleasing heft and balance that larger hands will appreciate regardless of which end you are operating. The cap stays firmly in place when mounted on the barrel. This allows you to use both ends simultaneously with confidence. One thing I would like to see is a non-stylus top provided that would allow you to convert this pen back to a more traditional fountain pen when the technology again shifts from conductive rubber to something else or beyond the need for a stylus. This would improve the value by extending the style of the pen beyond the limits of evolving technology. I think Levenger and others that make affordable fountain pens available have proven that this technology will likely continue for many generations as it has been appreciated in the past...certainly beyond the touch-screen generation we are now part of. Lastly, I'd like to add that I've always been impressed with Levenger; their products are high quality and provide great value for the price. They are supported by the highest caliber of customer care. I always feel welcome and valued when I call to buy, exchange or return something. The staff is knowledgeable, courteous and responsive. You may pay a bit more for their quality but you will never regret your purchase. March 22, 2014
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