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True Writer Silver Anniversary Fountain Pen 4.9 5 14 14
Good call i am very happy with my purchase of this pen. The only reason I din't give it 5 stars is because I had first bought a Waterford Kilbarry Emerald Isle Pen and I may be spoiled now :) I bought the fine point for this one and I like it. The nib seems to be a bit less quality than the Waterford.; overall very smooth and excellent. September 21, 2014
I have been using the Levenger True Writer for many years now and this is one of the best pens I have had in my hand. I love the way it feels and the great design is just beautiful! I enjoy the smooth flow and the broad line. The only issue I have with this pen is that the cap does not stay on the back of the pen when I am using it. Not a big issue though... Great performing pen. I would highly recommend this pen. August 28, 2014
Love the pen. Smooth writing nearly every time. Beautiful looking. People at work love it. July 3, 2014
Silver Anniversary True Writer Fountain Pen I recently purchased this pen with the BROAD tip and I love, love, love it. I do not care for fine point pens and I have two medium point fountain pens. The broad tip is the bomb! The pen is beautiful and feels great in my hand when writing. June 23, 2014
Robust and gleaming A hefty, but not too weighty, pen whose silver-toned finish gleams. I also like how the design undulates as you spin the pen in your hand. The nib, even a fine, is buttery smooth. A great buy! June 5, 2014
Great Pen! Beautiful heft and bead; very comfortable in the hand and quite attractive. April 17, 2014
Great writing instrument This is a heavier pen, which I like, but not at all cumbersome. A very smooth, comfortable writing instrument that I have enjoyed using very much. I too experienced a significant amount of skipping with the pen initially - even after several flushes - but Levenger's all-star customer service department sent me a replacement pen. Voila! This pen writes as it should and has become my workhorse pen. If you are experiencing difficulties with skipping, PLEASE just call Levenger! They really are the committed to customer satisfaction and will work with you. January 10, 2014
an Elegant and delightful way to write I bought this pen after a dear friend had given me another 'true writer', and I had enjoyed it very much. Its attractive and very comfortable in my hand. The ink flows smoothly -- I enjoy it very much December 17, 2013
Excellent in every way Very satisfied, very professional, great balance. July 6, 2013
Very Good Pen I own several True Writers, and this is one of my favorities. It's a bit more substantial than the usual resin pens, yet still has good balance and doesn't cause hand fatigue like some heavier pens can. Some reviewers have mentioned some occassional challenges with ink flow and skipping with the True Writers, and I, too, have experience this; however, I have discovered a quick trick that has solved the problem for with all my pens. Before first use, or after a period of prolonged non-use, I attach the converter to the pen, sink the full nib into a glass of tepid water, then draw in and release water through the nib with the converter. Once done, expell all the water and proceen to immediately add bottled ink or cartridge. Good luck! April 19, 2013
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