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True Writer Foliage Rollerball
  • True Writer Foliage Rollerball
  • True Writer Foliage Rollerball
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True Writer® Foliage Rollerball

Price: $79.00 Now $59.95 Save 24%
Item: AP13275
The True Writer rollerball with a splash of fall color

Capture the fiery splendors of autumn with a pen that reminds us why change is a beautiful thing. Levenger celebrates the change of seasons with this gorgeous True Writer rollerball pen, whose design was inspired by some of Scot Miller's beautiful photographs in our Levenger Press book, Thoreau's Maine Woods: A Photographic Journey. The Foliage rollerball is a pleasing melody of resin in greens, oranges, yellows and reds, with appointments plated in gold.

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