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Levenger customer service is amazing! I had an old True Writer pen that I received as a gift 12 years ago. It had been put away for several years, and when I came back to it, the sleeve that holds the nib was falling apart. I got in touch with customer service, and they simply had me send back the pen and they gave me credit for it. 12 years! That's a pretty amazing warranty. Anyway, I bought the L-Tech Stealth with the credit. While I read some good reviews, I was still apprehensive about the non-traditional design. I do not like gaudy, or overly-pretentious anythings. I look like enough of a snob when I say, "I like to write with fountain pens." I do not then need the pen itself to look like I spent the mortgage on it! Maybe, then, I am a utilitarian snob. Form follows function, that sort of thing. I love the design of the L-Tech Stealth. I like to hold it in my hand, I like to run my fingers over it. I like it when it catches in the corner of my eye- I just have to divert to it. The weight is fantastic. Again, not overly pretentious, more like "solid." I do like that you can post the cap, and that when you do post it you can line it up with the ridges of the barrel. That said though, it can be uncomfortable to do that for short jots. It becomes top-heavy. It is actually fine to post, or not, for long writing as I hold my hand differently (apparently) for long versus short. I have one item that I have not decided about. The cap takes slightly more turning than expected to remove. This also means that to put it fully on, it needs about 1 full turn. Obviously I do not want to keep the nib exposed when I put the pen down as it will dry out, so I would normally cap it. I have been experimenting with putting the cap on and giving a very slight twist. So far, it seems that this is sufficient to prevent drying out for a temporary break (I have done this up to 20 minutes, with no drying out). So while I originally thought it was inconvenient, I am now leaning more towards it being a feature. Namely, the cap is very secure, and will not come off in my pocket by accident, and that you do not need to screw it down all the way to take a break. On to writing. I bought it with a fine nib. I have heard two main things regarding Levenger nibs- A) they are often hard starters and/or do not write smoothly, and B) a fine is more like a medium. I wholeheartedly disagree with A. It writes very smoothly. I am currently using J Herbin Violette Pensee ink. Incredibly smooth, very beautiful. Does not write particularly wet, but certainly not dry either, very happy medium. I do agree with B. This is by most accounts a medium line. For me, not an issue, as I wanted a medium line, and got what I was expecting. If this is a bother to you, you can get a nib ground to whatever size you want after-market, or you can purchase an interchangeable nib elsewhere (I do not want to be too blasphemous and suggest on this site), but a little creative searching will yield great results. I feel that I do not need to tune it at all at this time. Really great pen, 'nuff said. November 1, 2013
Inexpensive but a great pen nonetheless I wanted an inexpensive fountain pen to use when I did not want to take one of my more expensive ones outside of my home. I bought this one since it was under $100 and I have not been dissappointed. Feels nice to write with in your hand, and writes smoothly on the paper. I love it. October 26, 2013
Fantastic pen! As I type this, I have used the L-Tech Stealth Fountain Pen for a little over two months now. I purchased it with the fine-sized nib. The pen arrived quickly, within a week. First off, the weight of this pen is great. Without the cap attached to the back, the pen is heavy enough to feel sturdy in your hands, but not so heavy that it impedes writing. Once you attach the cap though, the pen feels unbalanced. The cap feels almost as heavy as the pen itself! The nib writes very well, and simply glides across paper. One point to make is that even though I chose the fine-size, the width of the writing looks almost like a medium. It is much thicker than I expected. Besides that, I like how the barrel allows for an extra cartridge to be stored. This is incredibly convenient. Other than that, the pen looks fantastic and receives compliments whenever I use it. September 17, 2013
Wonderful! I have a couple of Lamy fountain pens so I decided to spend a little more and try one of these out. I absolutely love it! The weight of this pen is extremely satisfying while writing, and to me is it's most distinctive feature - not too heavy that it is burdensome to write with. The all black design looks clean and simple. I got the fine nib based on reviews of the thickness and found it to be quite similar to my Lamy F nibs, not very thin. It writes perfectly first time every time with no scratching or jumping. My only *small* issue with the pen is the cardboard box it comes in, although sturdy and elegant, feels a little cheap. Overall I am extremely satisfied with this pen and I'll be buying the silver/grey version in the future. July 15, 2013
Great Fountain Pen Fountain pens have a way of becoming an extension of mind and body. The L-Tech does this in its own way. Writing with it offers a different level of physicality. Maybe it’s the weight and muted masculinity of the seven sided brass barrel. As a writing tool the L-Tech provides a raw earthy experience as ink and words flow across the page. From jeans to journal the L-Tech makes a bold statement. It's my new Every Day Carry. July 6, 2013
Understated Beauty! The weight and flow of the pen is outstanding. I can see why it has received such high praises. Very happy with the purchase. I still need to get used to writing with it as it is my first incursion into the world of fountain pens. And, this has been the best introduction to it! July 6, 2013
Favorite daily use pen I own several fountain pens, but this one is my favorite. It writes perfectly every time with no splotches. It's easy to fill, feels very comfortable, and is solidly constructed. I also love the looks of this pen and get a lot of comments about it. So far, I've used several types of ink in the pen -- specifically Parker Quink and Diamine -- and the nib handles them perfectly. June 27, 2013
Great Pen! This is the second L-Tech fountain pen I've purchased and I continue to be impressed. The medium tip is great for regular correspondence, but the bold tip really makes a statement. I get constant comments on the pen -- all positive. If you want your signature to stand out, I highly recommend this pen! May 25, 2013
Fantastic Fountain Pen! The L-Tech Stealth is awesome! I had never used a Levenger pen before as I'd heard the True Writers tend towards the light side and I prefer a hefty pen. This pen is good sized, solid, heavy but not too (47g), and well balanced. It has the cool professional look of a drafting tool (like Rotring predecessor), and the most important thing: it writes fantastically - smooth, wet flow, writes the first time every time. I like the M nib and it takes other True Writer nibs, so there are options. The only thing I'd improve would be to make the clip removable. It looks like it should come off or rotate, but seems to be glued on. If this pen suits your style, I would highly recommend it. January 10, 2013
L-Tech Stealth Fountain Pen (M) I just recieved this today in the mail. I purchased this pen online along with a bottle of Levenger Empyrean Blue Bottled Ink, (beautiful color by the way). The fountain pen is quite attractive. Very good workmanship and the cap lines up perfectly, as well as posting nicely when I remove the cap to write with it. Has a nice heft to it and is well balanced when writing in one of my Moleskin or various other notebooks. The Matt Black color looks very durable, and I like the knurled portion near the nib. While it recieves a 5 star rating, my only issue is that I prefer a fine nib to a medium. This FP only comes in (M)edium. If any of the sales associates, designers or quality control personnel are reading this, please take note. May consider changing the nib down the line to a fine nib. Cheers! December 21, 2012
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