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LTech Plus Rollerball with Stylus 4.3 5 4 4
Wonderful Idea! This is a fabulous writing and tablet navigation instrument. Great style, nice solid hand-feel. A gem! May 4, 2013
L-Tech stylus rollerball Writes very well, nice balance with cap on back. Consequently, great dual purpose utility. A little bulkier and heavier than my normal preference. A slimmer version would be appreciated. Summary; technically excellent my only issues are personal and should not apply to all. April 20, 2013
Big! I recieved the stylus rollerball for my birthday and I really like it. Be forewarned: it is heavy and big. The stylus is designed much more for an iPad or other tablet computer than it is for a smart phone. It is also more useful to tap on icons rather than slide pages. I also got the iPad folio with pen sleeve which I also like very much, but fitting this behemouth in the pen sleeve of the folio is no easy task. April 18, 2013
Good looking Pen This Stylus Rollerball pen is very attractive and writes beautifully. My only issue with it is that it is heavier than I thought it would be. I was hoping to use it with my Iphone to send emails and texts but I think it is too heavy to carry around with me. It probably would be better suited to an Ipad which already has some weight to it. But that said, it is a very nice pen and would make a nice gift. February 17, 2013
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