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LTech Stylus Rubber Replacement Set of 2 4.7 5 6 6
Best stylus I have used I have tried various styli for the ipad, and this one is easily my favorite. Add to that the fact that it is attached to a great pen, and you can't lose! 5 stars for the product as well as Levenger's quick turnaround time. May 5, 2013
Getting the right tips First of all, I love my pen. I'm one of those people who likes to make sure I have extras for the just in case happens. I had just ordered my pen and wanted extra tips. Not looking, I ordered the soft cloth tips, which don't fit my pen. I called to return, but the staff, said don't worry about it, we will ship you the right tips at no cost. I was IMPRESSED!!! Looks like I will have to order the pen that holds the soft tip. You can never not have too many great pens.... Thanks Levenger October 16, 2014
Was Loose on Pen Arrival. The stylus was loose on arrival and did not work well the first try. Alter I figured out the problem everything worked smoothly with no sticking. The rubber handles the heaver brass pen body well and does not flatten to far. I am not sure why I waited to get this cap on a new rollerball pen. I love it now. August 8, 2014
Soft tip Mine is on the L-tech ballpoint pen. The original tip split after fairly short use although I used it the same way I was using another brand stylus I'd used for months and remains in good shape. I did notice that the screw part comes loose and the tip wobbles which may have helped cause the split. Frequently check the tip to make sure it is secure. Very much like the soft tip which will not harm the screen and also like the weight of the ballpoint pen. I would recommend this product but be sure to keep the screw tip tight. March 11, 2014
suggested improvement It is great that thees replacement tips are available, as they do wear out with use. It would be even better if a fabric mess replacement were made available as those tips generally have a smoother feel than a rubber stylus. January 30, 2014
Best Rubber Stylus out there I#ll tried many of these, but this Rubber Stylus is the best I ran into, it is pretty easy to use and just slides wonderful and accurate. The Pen is not a bad Pen, but a bit heavy, I am alway afraid that it will fall out of my Hand and break my Ipad. It would be great if Levenger would put a True Writer Ballpoint with Rubber Stylus on the Market, perfect for these would be the Slim Writer, which you guys had in the Past. April 6, 2013
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