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L-Tech Pencil I love it! I did have to change to a harder lead but it works great! April 30, 2013
pencil lead is constantly breaking I read the reviews before I bought this but based on the incredibly high quality Levenger has on it's products, I trusted that this issue was resolved. The pencil is virtually useless. No matter what lead I try, it is constantly breaking while I write. I have never had this issue with other pencils. Levenger - how can you help me with this? December 5, 2012
Poor design - lead constantly breaking I should start by saying that I am normally a rapid Levenger fan! I have filled my office with products and furniture from Levenger and have always been satisfied. Unfortunately this pencil is the first negative experience I have had. I purchased two L-Tech 0.5 pencils. It seems like the design is bad, as I have tried HB, B, 2B and 4B lead with no success. If you extend the lead you can feel the lack of support from the mechanism which causes the lead to flex under pressure and break. After about two weeks of varying lead hardness I finally sent an email to Levenger customer support explaining the problem and was told I would get a response in two days. After six days I called to determine what to do. As always, the customer support staff was very helpful and offered to replace the pencil, but I opted for a refund as both of my pencils have the same problems and I don't think the next set will be any different. November 7, 2012
Lead Breaking Just received the mechanical pencil last week. The mechanical pencil feels like it is worth what you paid. The engraving is very light and it took me some time to even find the engraving. The lead continues to break alot. I thought the lead issue was fixed. Am I doing something wrong? May 7, 2012
What a comeback! You will see my earlier review wherin I criticized the newer version of the pencil for the constant beaking of the lead because of the elimination of a "support sleeve" that the early pencils had. Levenger, true to their response, they contacted me immediately to see how to resolve my problem. They sent me a brand new pencil with some tip modifications that seem to have completely resolved the "lead breakage" problem. I am completely satisfied with the product and especially pleased with their attitude and commitment to excellence. By the way, my replacement came with my name engraved just like the original...good work folks! June 3, 2011
5MM mechanical pencil I had an early (10 yrs ago) mechanical pencil that worked flawlessly for several years. It had a metal tube at the tip that supported the 5MM lead to prevent the lead from brreaking when you began to write. I ordered the new set--they look the same but say "Levenger" instead of "Rotring"on the barrel. the new pencil does not have the support barrel and is a complete nuisance.Each time you press the cap to extend the lead you must be very careful when you start to write because the lead is unsupported and breaks. this problem is exacerbated by the small diameter (5mm) and I prefer the softer lead (HB). Sure wish they had kept the support sleeve. May 8, 2011
great pencil -- if you get instructions! I bought this pencil and did not get instructions with it. the lead kept jamming so I sent it back, they replaced it and sent instructions this time on how to use it. I have been extremely happy with it since and love using it. the weight in my hand is perfect and now that I know how to use it, the lead never jams. April 26, 2011
Nice Pencil I find the build quality and feel of this pencil to be very good. I have not had any of the jamming problems previous reviewers mentioned. I chose the .7 lead, not sure if that makes a difference. March 22, 2011
Used for years now Bought this before L-tech pens were introduced and have used it for years. I would buy it again. It feels perfect. The heft, balance and shape let me know it is there and won't roll away. I can write without fatigue and set it down with out worry. I work in a sterilization department at a level 1 trauma center and therefore my paperwork has a high sense of urgency behind it. I use this pencil hard and it has held up. I also use it for school work. It has not broken on me or jammed. Starting the lead after it completely runs out is a hassle as the new lead doesn't seem to catch. I wish I had gotten a .7 size instead of .5 as I seem to be heavy handed and the .5 breaks a lot. December 2, 2010
Not so good Similar to the other reviews, this has been returned twice because of the lead jamming. I have many Levenger's pens (fountain, rollerball and ballpoint) and have never had a problem... until this mechanical pencil. Levenger's customer service reps are always outstanding. She promptly and courteously processed the return. October 21, 2010
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