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LTech Plus Fountain Pen with Stylus 4.3 5 12 12
L-tech Stylus pen Received this and began writing with it immediately. It's a decent enough pen, though the grip is a bit awkward, compared to my other pens; could be the balance that the other reviewers mention. The line is a bit generous for a Fine point, but every pen writes differently, so I'm going to play around and find the right technique with this one. It's a solid pen, has good weight. I think this used to be made by Rotring? I'm glad Levenger has picked it up. November 23, 2013
Loving this pen Received this pen a couple of weeks ago, and I'm really enjoying it. Very dependable and consistent ink flow (I'm using cartridges). I love its aesthetics, and have been getting some nice compliments. As others have mentioned, its weight is substantial; this might put some off, but I appreciate the feeling. It speaks of value to me. One drawback I've found for myself is that if I insert the cap onto the end of the pen when writing, it does feel imbalanced. Obviously, that's easily solved. Overall, I would recommend giving it a try, especially at this price point. September 21, 2013
Great Pen This is a really nice pen if you like heft. The pen is somewhat unbalanced with the cap posted and may be uncomfortable for those with smaller hands. I tend to write with a cap held in my other hand rather than posting it, so I have no issue with it. Without the cap, the pen is well balanced. I really appreciate the textured metal grip surface when writing. The nibs are easily interchanged with most standard #5 nibs. I did this because I like an Extra Fine nib, which is not available as a standard option. The stylus is as good or better than most stand alone capacitative styluses. Anyway great pen and fairly priced I think. September 14, 2013
Love this pen! I am an avid user of fountain pens and I love this one. Nice weight and slender enough for my small hand. Very stylish design September 6, 2013
Excellent pen - heavy - wide line I enjoy this pen. It writes very smoothly. A buyer must like, however, heavy fountain pens. The balance is top heavy with the cap on which the user can like or dislike. The pens write broader than normal. I bought a medium which produces wide heavy writing that beads through even Levenger paper. I am keeping it for signatures and have now also bought a fine for everyday use which writes like most of my medium fountain pens. Buy if you like the solid heavy feel and think of ordering a fine rather than medium. August 2, 2013
Hefty pen Well-built, solid pen. Very attractive, but as a regular user of fountain pens for 50 years, I found this pen to be uncomfortably heavy and somewhat unbalanced with the cap mounted on the pen while writing. It's great for the occasional bold signature, but hours of writing or note-taking are really out of the question. The iPad stylus feature, on the other hand, is very nice -- it is useful to have both a fountain pen and stylus built into a single unit. I'll be keeping my eye out for a lighter alternative, however. June 11, 2013
Substantial, but not my favorite I like the heft and solidity of this pen. It is nicely machined and I love the cross-hatched grip area. It feels substantial and is beautiful in appearance. I appreciate the subtlety of the clip. I very much like the built-in stylus, but it does require that you press harder than with a cloth-covered stylus. (And I must confess I have a slight fear of dropping this heavy pen onto my iPad and shattering it). For a 'fine point' it's very broad and puts down a lot of ink, making it unsuitable for even mildly absorbent papers (like Levenger 3x5 cards); the ink will feather. It writes well in "Field Notes" brand memo books. Despite the heavy ink flow, the flow does skip occasionally and I have found the pen requires a bit of priming after only a day of non-use. I'm using Diamine Indigo ink. This is a very solid, well-made pen, but unfortunately it will never be a favorite. It probably works best as a "leave-at-your-desk" signature pen. FYI: At first I found the nib to be very wobbly, before I realized it was not screwed in tightly. May 20, 2013
Excellent instrument A friend of mine recently got me into fountain pens. I'm also an avid iPad user and when I saw this it looked fantastic. I was not disappointed. It feels strong, substantial and precise in your hand and the writing was immediately smooth and clear. The nib is a little thicker than I thought it would be as a "medium" but I'm finding variation from brand to brand in that regard. The twist cap is nice given the octagonal design, causing it to always close in perfect alignment. The stylus works great as well with very good transmission. Only improvements I could offer would be a more precise (narrower and firmer) stylus and a better refillable cartridge. Mine had a little trouble pulling the ink in cleanly on first use. Highly recommended. May 11, 2013
Love this pen I simply love this pen - have both the fountain pen and roller ball. It works great, looks nice, the quality of the engineering of the components is flawless. I get complements on it and people asking about it whenever I pull it out. Good job Levenger! April 24, 2013
Disappointing I was very excited about this pen, and waited two months for it to ship. The pen looked great, but when I tried to use it I had problems. The converter is so loose that I did not even attempt to fill the pen with ink (I'm not sure I would have been able to since holding the converter, the nib assembly would have fallen into the ink well). If I had succeeded, the converter would have slipped off the pen and spilled all the ink. I'm returning it and hope that the replacement doesn't have a similar issue. I didn't try it with an ink cartridge (I only use bottled ink) so I can't comment on ink flow, quality of the nib, etc. February 13, 2013
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