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True Writer® Obsidian Rollerball Pen
  • True Writer® Obsidian Rollerball Pen
  • True Writer® Obsidian Rollerball Pen
  • True Writer® Obsidian Rollerball Pen
  • True Writer® Obsidian Rollerball Pen
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True Writer® Obsidian Rollerball Pen

Price: $49.00
Item: AP12305
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Writing takes on a new luster with a True Writer rollerball
Our True Writer Obsidian Rollerball pen is a rich, deep, solid black resin rollerball that engraves beautifully and looks ever professional. 
The True Writer design story 
By the end of the last millennium, the ubiquitous disposable pen had just about taken over. Though a few pen companies still catered to serious collectors with elaborate, intricate (and exorbitantly expensive) designs, it had been years since anyone offered a beautifully made everyday pen. Inspired by the Esterbrook Pen Company, which served the writing needs of the general public for almost a hundred years, Levenger set out to inspire contemporary writers with a modern take on the classics. In February, 1999, the very first True Writer was introduced.
  • Chrome appointments
  • Threaded cap
  • 5 1/2L x 5/8 diameter; 0.93 oz
  • We offer refills

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True Writer Obsidian Rollerball 3.4 5 13 13
Fine Writing This pen gives you a fine writing experience, like fine dining. It is weighty enough but not too heavy to hold, and the smooth strokes when I am writing my note cards out adds that special touch! Thank you Levenger. November 6, 2014
My Awesome Pen! Best looking, best writing pen I've ever owned! July 10, 2014
Disappointed Let me start off by saying I love Levenger and have always highly recommended it to everyone. Having stated that, I was disappointed in the purchase of these pens. I purchased this one for my wife who is a paramedic and does a lot of writing. I am in law enforcement and also purchased the fountain pen version. My wife has been unable to use it due to the fact that it constantly keeps skipping as she tries to write and often needs to run it over other papers to get the pen to begin writing. Much to her dismay it now has frustrated her soo much it has become merely ornamental as it sits on her desk. My fountain pen has for some odd reason begun leaking ink into the barrel. Levenger has always stood for quality for me and this recent purchase has left us disappointed. February 9, 2014
Not recomended I love Levenger but this was the first pen I brought from Levenger and I was disappointed. It looks very nice and writes nicely but I was really disappointed to discover it was made of plastic. It gives the pen a very light, unbalanced and cheap feel. In fairness to Levenger I note now this is disclosed in the description but I missed it when I made the purchase. October 17, 2012
Not a great rollerball The overall construction of the pen was okay, but the quality of the rollerball refill left a lot to be desired. The pen skips often and must be held at very specific angles to work at all. I got much better quality from a disposable rollerball. Attempts to use other refills and other point sizes did not resolve the problem. Loaned the pen to others in the office to see if it was me and they handed the pen right back. While the tru-writer series fountain pens work great, I would stay away from the roller ball. June 29, 2011
Not worth it I would have returned it but I moved overseas. The black on the ends of the top and bottom began to rub off from the start. It finally came off totally. Then today I dropped it on a carpeted floor and the cap broke completely above the threads. I also found that it was lighter than I would have liked. November 1, 2010
So far so good... I do a lot of writing. I'm a fiction writer, I write everything by hand first so a dependable pen is a must. I picked up this one a few days ago. It's been a great pen so far. it's solid in my hand, well balanced and best of all, really good looking. I see what people mean about the cap not coming down far enough, but mine hasn't slipped off yet. A Mont Blanc this aint, but it's the best pen I've owned in this price range. great value! May 26, 2010
True Writer? I have purchased several "True Writer" pens in the past. I have always been impressed with the quality, weight, and feel This is by far the lowest quality I have seen. It is not worth the cost and I am suprised it was even being offered. December 26, 2009
Not the best quality The pen is lighter than I would have likes, also the black top started to rub off and now it is gold. I am not rough on my pens so this has been disappointing. The ballpoint was not this bad. I would not recommend due to the black color rubbing off fairly early on in moderate to light use. September 25, 2009
Smo-o-oth This pen has the feel and balance of a much more expensive pen, but the most impressive thing about it is the smooth flow of the pen in use. This is the best pen I've ever bought for the price. December 18, 2007
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