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Verona II Ballpoint 5 5 2 2
Nice Pen at a Good Price! I purchased this pen after I purchased another Levenger model and liked this one so much that I returned the other, more expensive one. The color is outstanding, and the pen fits my hand well. It writes smoothly and without a lot of effort. The size is about right for the average man's hand and would probably work well for a woman also. I wish that the Teal-color was still available but apparently it is not. I do wish that this pen was available in a roller-ball model to match the ball-point. Great service, good price for the pen and hopefully it will last a long time. Buy this pen for yourself and/or give it as a gift. November 7, 2012
Beautiful pen Like every other Levenger pen, this pen is prettier in person than in the photos and I am thrilled with my purchase. I find the opalescent swirls to be very pretty, and as you turn the pen in the light, the pattern is ever-changing. There is a sense of depth as you view the resin. I also own a red Levenger TrueWriter and they are distinctly different in appearance. The TrueWriter has smaller, brighter areas of opalescent reflection, almost looking like a mosaic. The Verona II has larger, more continuous swirls of opalescence that look like a steaming brew, making a continuous pattern of darkness and reflectivity. It is gorgeous to behold and turn in the light. The barrel where the the hand touches is a smooth tapered cylindrical shape. The chrome tip of the pen and where the other chrome appointments attach are octagonal shape, but you do not feel the octagon edges when writing because your hand is touching the silky, smooth cylindrical barrel. The description of the pen says "light weight", so I was concerned it might have an insubstantial feel, but that is not the case at all. In fact, this pen feels substantial and comfortable in my hand. It is similar to the size of a Levenger Chesterton; somewhat larger than a LevengerTrueWriter in both length and diameter. The Verona II length is 14cm, Chesterton length is 13.8cm, and TrueWriter is 13.4cm, to the best of my ability to measure. The diameter also is similar to the Chesterton, somewhat larger than a TrueWriter in diameter (by 1-2mm), which suits my hand perfectly, a large female hand. Someone with a small hand or one who prefers smaller pens might prefer to buy one of the Levenger TrueWriter pens, but along with my two Chestertons, this is my new favorite pen. I have always been very happy with the writing quality of Levenger pen refills. I generally use the Levenger ballpoint refills in black or red (for paper correcting) which suit my writing style. December 23, 2011
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