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Performance Pad Folio 2.5 5 8 8
Just a few Tweaks and it is Perfect Ok, since everyone is jumping on the negative review train for this product, I decided to order one (the price is irresistable.) I received the folio in a gorgeous package wrapped in a super soft cleaning cloth. The leather is impeccable, the zipper is perfect, and the thickness is also perfect for placing an iPad inside. I am a natural tinkerer, so here is what I did: I took an exacto knife and sliced a nice straight cut across the suede perforated leather to make a pocket for the iPad. A little of black adhesive tape strengthens and supports the pocket edge. The iPad slides in and out and is held securely in place. It is AWESOME! I also sliced a small slit in the leather at the fold and I clip a pen in place where the other folios show a pen holder. This is also AWESOME! So, buy this, make these two cuts, and you have a perfect product. November 7, 2012
I do not own this item I am basing this review on the photo representations and my personal experience with Levenger's quality, I wanted to make that clear. I am also stating that I am only rating this product from a design point of view, First the Pros: I like the fact that you can position the pad on either side, since I like my device to be on the left so I can write with my right hand. I also like the fact that it is zippered so that my device remains contained. I am also familiar with the quality of leather covers Levenger provides. The Cons: I really would like a smaller size. Perhaps one for the Kindle Fire and a Jr Legal sized Pad and a place for business cards. (Trifold, maybe?) I agree there should be a place for a pen loop AND stylus. If you don't use a stylus, it would be perfect for a mechanical pencil. There should also be anchors in the corner so the device stays put. Finally, I think there should be more colour choices. When these design flaws are addressed, this item will be a steal for the price. As it is now, I just cannot justify the purchase. August 29, 2012
no good for the Ipad I received this as a gift. I use an Ipad at work and this was given to me to hold my Ipad and replace my folio. This does not work. Not only does the ipad move around when closed but there is not place for a pen, or business cards. This product is made of great materials but is useless for work. January 3, 2012
"iPad Folio" ???? I received this as a gift since they knew I had an iPad. I would have to agree with all the others. It's a nice product, high quality, the zipper is the best on any folio I have. However, to say this is for iPads is a complete misrepresentation of the product. I have two other folios that I don’t use. This is actually more useless than the other two because there are no pockets or pen holders. The whole reason I got an iPad was to have something more compact to carry around. Now I am back to a big bulky folio that I feel obligated to use because it was a gift. It should be designed to hold the iPad and sized appropriately. A better design would have been to have a iPad sized folio, that actually holds the iPad in place, and use a 5x7 note pad, not 8.5x11. All it appears is they took an existing product; added a lining and called it an iPad Folio. December 15, 2011
Wasted my money Tablet slides everywhere. There isn't a pen-holder for the notepad and my initials are upside down. I mentioned that I was left-handed thinking the initials would be stamped appropriately. November 2, 2011
Performance Folio Pad - NOT Unfortunately I had not read the other reviews before ordering. All previous reviewers are right on the mark. For the price of this folio -- my iPAD2 flops around on the non-skid surface. It is NOT non-skid -- rather it is NON-essential and actually ends up being a waste of space on this folio. I would NEVER put my iPAD2 inside this folio. Lesson Learned. Poor product design. July 13, 2011
Not quite The non-slip suface isn't. Needs a better plan for the ipad side of the folio. No other pockets for pen or stylus. Overpriced for what it doesn't do. June 7, 2011
almost there This would be the perfect portfolio for an Ipad, if it truly held the Ipad in place. It needs clips, so the Ipad does not slide. May 21, 2011
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