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Porsche P'3110 TecFlex Mechanical Pencil

Price: $325.00
Item: AP9825
Steel yourself for this Porsche pencil
Both powerful and aesthetically stunning, the TecFlex mechanical pencil is made with the same super-durable woven cable sheath used in Porsche cars to protect sensitive electrical connections, and offers a holographic 3D effect as you turn it in the light. The barrel responds to the pressure you apply, assuring a comfortable grip.
  • .7mm lead
  • Eraser located underneath the cap
  • Brass barrel and stainless steel cable
  • 5 15/16L x 1/2 diameter, 1.35 oz
  • Made in Germany
  • We offer lead refills
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Porsche P3110 TecFlex Pencil Steel 5 5 2 2
Great mechanical pencil There are two reasons to spend this much on a mechanical pencil: you like the design, and you want a pencil that has heft. I like the looks of it, and it is cool the way the sheath compresses when you advance the lead, and then returns to normal. I also very much like the feel of it in my hand. May 7, 2013
Built like the Proverbial Panzer (Tank) I was a little nervous about plunking down a fair chunk of change on this pencil without having read any reviews, so I thought that I would help out those that follow, as this pencil may not be for everyone's tastes. Aesthetically, this is a beautifully constructed pencil, with the shimmering effect of the barrel being just stunning. That being said, note that this is a very solid, fairly heavy instrument, (which I happen to like), which is also fairly thick in the hand, (think fountain pen-like dimensions). It initially felt a little cumbersome to write with, but I very quickly grew to like the feel. The eraser cap on the end of the pencil threads on with well-machined German precision, and is as useless as they all are on any decent mechanical pencil... Now - an IMPORTANT OBSERVATION which almost caused me to return it until I figured it out: When I first took the pencil out of the case and tried it, the tip for the lead at the very end of the pencil felt just slightly loose, which I found really annoying and confusing for such a remarkably solid pencil... THE TIP MAY BE SLIGHTLY LOOSE when you get it. The interior barrel screws into the INSIDE of the tip of the pencil - you have to screw off the tip from the barrel, (the interior cartridge will come with it), and FINGER TIGHTEN the cartridge into the inside of the tip; then, screw the tip back onto the outer barrel. After that, the pencil felt like a rock. If you lean towards solid writing instruments, then this is your baby! May 26, 2011
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