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Porsche P'3110 TecFlex Mechanical Pencil

Price: $325.00
Item: AP9825
Steel yourself for this Porsche pencil
Both powerful and aesthetically stunning, the TecFlex mechanical pencil is made with the same super-durable woven cable sheath used in Porsche cars to protect sensitive electrical connections, and offers a holographic 3D effect as you turn it in the light. The barrel responds to the pressure you apply, assuring a comfortable grip.
  • .7mm lead
  • Eraser located underneath the cap
  • Brass barrel and stainless steel cable
  • 5 15/16L x 1/2 diameter, 1.35 oz
  • Made in Germany
  • We offer lead refills
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Porsche P3110 TecFlex Pencil Steel 5 5 3 3
The Epitome of Mechanical Pencils For this to be a 5-star value for you, you have to appreciate quality and want a mechanical pencil that has a flawless mechanism combined with girth and heft. After many years and many failed attempts and compromises with smaller lighter pencils, I finally found total satisfaction with the Porsche P'3110. In addition to the eye-catching look (which is the least important thing to me) the internal works holds plenty of lead and holds it securely so that breakage while writing is minimized. I especially appreciate the mechanism for advancing the lead: grip the barrel and push down on the cap with the thumb, not a twist. When the lead is retracted, the tip is smooth enough to never poke a hole in a shirt or suit pocket. Fortunately, I avoided an initial panic because I had read the review two below about the screw-off tip being the point of access for the interior barrel. This device feels great in my hand and has become my writing instrument of choice for all times and places other than what requires an ink signature or color mark-up of documents. July 24, 2013
Great mechanical pencil There are two reasons to spend this much on a mechanical pencil: you like the design, and you want a pencil that has heft. I like the looks of it, and it is cool the way the sheath compresses when you advance the lead, and then returns to normal. I also very much like the feel of it in my hand. May 7, 2013
Built like the Proverbial Panzer (Tank) I was a little nervous about plunking down a fair chunk of change on this pencil without having read any reviews, so I thought that I would help out those that follow, as this pencil may not be for everyone's tastes. Aesthetically, this is a beautifully constructed pencil, with the shimmering effect of the barrel being just stunning. That being said, note that this is a very solid, fairly heavy instrument, (which I happen to like), which is also fairly thick in the hand, (think fountain pen-like dimensions). It initially felt a little cumbersome to write with, but I very quickly grew to like the feel. The eraser cap on the end of the pencil threads on with well-machined German precision, and is as useless as they all are on any decent mechanical pencil... Now - an IMPORTANT OBSERVATION which almost caused me to return it until I figured it out: When I first took the pencil out of the case and tried it, the tip for the lead at the very end of the pencil felt just slightly loose, which I found really annoying and confusing for such a remarkably solid pencil... THE TIP MAY BE SLIGHTLY LOOSE when you get it. The interior barrel screws into the INSIDE of the tip of the pencil - you have to screw off the tip from the barrel, (the interior cartridge will come with it), and FINGER TIGHTEN the cartridge into the inside of the tip; then, screw the tip back onto the outer barrel. After that, the pencil felt like a rock. If you lean towards solid writing instruments, then this is your baby! May 26, 2011
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