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A Christmas Carol The Original 1843 Manuscript 4.9 5 13 13
An EXCELENT BOOK I purchased two (2) copies of this fine reproduction. One was for myself and the other for my brother. As a student of Dickens for many years I was very pleased with what I purchased. The entire book has been painstakingly re-created from Dickens' original manuscript and the care that went into producing the book is evident. I can only hope that those who have purchased this wonderful little book will enjoy it as much as Dickens did writing it. December 23, 2013
Wonderful Gift I have purchased this beautifully bond book as a Christmas gift for my husband who is a huge Dickens fan. It looks wonderful and he should enjoy it for many years. The size of the book was a bit surprising and seems a bit awkward, but just might turn out to be perfect for reading along with the grandchildren. I know my husband will treasure the notes Dickens made on his manuscript, enhancing the experience even more than usual. December 11, 2014
A Good Christmas Keepsake This edition of the original 1843 manuscript of "A Christmas Carol" is a good Christmas keepsake. The binding and layout are attractive, and the pages of manuscript are faced with standard font of the story. I am glad to have this book among my small collection of Christmas books. December 11, 2014
a gift I got this volume as a gift for my husband. It was something I found last minute , so when it arrived a I didn't get a chance to look it over well before I wrapped it. It was when my husband removed it from the shrink wrap that I spotted the damaged corner of the book. I told him I would get it replaced. You no longer stock the book. He is such a Dickens fan he opted to keep the book as is and your company gave me a percentage of my money back. It was resolved well but I was disappointed with the situation. December 30, 2013
Great Xmas present I have purchased many items from Levenger and have always been impressed with their meticulous attention to detail, particularly in product presentation. This book was the perfect opportunity for a spectacular presentation, but it didn't happen. The book came in a brown mailing box wrapped in cellophane. It was very disappointing as this was a gift to an old friend. December 22, 2013
Perfect Gift Such a unique and perfect gift for someone who loves A Christmas Carol! The quality meets Levenger standards!! December 21, 2013
A Christmas Carol: The Original 1843 Manuscript Purchased one for a friend and so happy I bought one for my family as well. A new Christmas tradition: when our son was small we read The Night Before Christmas every Christmas Eve; we will now begin reading A Christmas Carol the first of December each year and display the book on our Levenger Dictionary stand. December 21, 2013
Great gift I bought two books as Christmas gifts. My only regret is that I did not buy one for myself. They are very handsome and were greatly appreciated. December 21, 2013
"A Christmas Carol" Although it does not have to be Christmas for me to enjoy what I consider to be the best short story ever written; the holiday does encourage more interest for other shoppers. Accordingly, I did not think anyone could improve upon Dickens and/or the holiday season to attract people to good literature, however, this elegant copy of "A Christmas Carol," is the best I have seen. I only wish I had ordered more than one copy as it is now sold out. December 21, 2013
Further the Tradition This traditional Christmas story is enhanced with the actual pen strokes of Dickens. For any admirer this is a real gem to hold in your hands. It is clearly one of the best Christmas gifts ever for every fan of A Christmas Carol. December 14, 2013
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