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Exactly what I was looking for! I'm a knitter and on long evening car trips couldn't knit without the dome light on which bothers the driver. I clip the laplighter on the sun visor and it gives me the right amount of light in the right spot for my knitting without the ambient light that interferes with the driver's vision. The batteries have been long lasting and I couldn't be happier with the whole setup. November 11, 2008
Clip won't fit anything but Lapdesk Batteries don't last. I bought a AAA model and it works fine this model is built with Button cell battery companies in mind May 29, 2012
Thank goodness this was a gift with purchase! Initially it was a great idea. I used it every night for about a week when I needed to replace the batteries. I paid over 8 dollars for 2 batteries and then it still didn't work. I also was disappointed that there was no on off switch. I needed to loosen the light in order to turn it off. March 16, 2011
Don't recommend This light really burns through the batteries, is hard to attach to anything and is really not a good product. I don't recommend it at all. It also used a hard to find battery product. February 8, 2009
Doesn't work well on Levenger lap desks I use this on my lapdesk (which I love). The weight of the lamp head tilts the apparatus forward so that it isn't practical. I've solved the problem by adding extra bulk (with cardboard) to the desk so that it holds better but since it was made to go with it, I think it ought to work correctly without having any jerry-rigging. January 11, 2009
Light for anywhere This laplighter fills the bill for lighting personal workspace. Works especially well on the Laplander desk. Nice light that's bright enough but not so glaring that it would keep a bedmate awake while you read. October 22, 2008
Great for Travel I use this light with my lap desk but find it great for reading on the plane. It stows easily and sets up practically anywhere. October 22, 2008
Too flimsy This is not a well made item. It broke after one day of use. Definitely not worth $24, or even $5. I ordered the Midnight Reader lamp years ago and am still completely satisfied with it. April 23, 2008
Light not bright The style and assembly of the lamplighter was well done, but the amount of light given off was quite low. Not enough to really make much of a difference. I returned the item. February 7, 2008
A Beam in the Night Got something to read, or something to write or a little paperwork? Thought so. Really want to sit at that desk or maybe you are on the road? Why struggle when this little light lets you work when and where you want. Quit waking up your spouse with that bedside lamp and shine a littlle light where it is needed. February 4, 2008
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