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Midnight Reader Floor Lamp 3.6 5 10 10
One's good, the other's not I bought a pair of the floor lamp Midnight readers several years ago. One is excellent and has posed no problems. The other, about a year ago, didn't turn off, and the on/off function seems stuck in that it resists turning. I took it to a repair shop and they said the rheostat needed replacement. So I had that done. It still doesn't work properly. My other Midnight reader turns on and off effortlessly. So, I have to give this a 50% positive rating. September 23, 2011
I Made a Mistake A great design, good light, but the workmanship is not what it seems or should be. Problems especially with the Dimmer switch - flimsy and frequently non-functional. I would not buy again and would advise you think very carefully and shop around before spending this kind of money. Disappointment with the product and that Levenger would promote it. March 27, 2010
Quality, designed beautifully and put the joie de vivre back into my reading in any room. November 14, 2008
Ouch Well, in terms of reading in bed next to my light sensitive spouse it is the best lamp of its type I've ever used. When you want no spill, there is no spill--and my wife is sensitive even to passing car headlights. The design is quite elegant. BUT. BUT. The stick came out of the base early on and has never sat properly and sometimes doesn't "catch," making it hard to turn on the light and even harder to control the amount of it. Sadly, my wife has occasionally been awakened not by light but by the stream of four-letter words coming from my side of the bed. I'm about to junk the light and was checking here to see if the model had been improved since I bought it six years ago, but I don't see any evidence of that. Too bad--I liked it in theory. March 23, 2008
great halogen lamp The lamp is excellent. My parents have 2 of these that are around 10 or 15 years old and they are still working perfectly. My only complant concerns the small screw that prevents the lamp housing from falling off. It would be nicer if it were more secure. If the screw loosens the housing of the halogen bulb can fall off and the glass comonents could break. One of the 2 were loose when I recieved the lamps and the housing fell off. Otherwise a great product with functional style. February 29, 2008
Works well, but too expensive The lamp works really well, has a lot of adjustability in the brightness/focus of the light, is easy to assemble and looks great. The price seems pretty steep, but if you are looking for a good reading lamp that lights up your reading material and doesn't shine in the eyes of any of the other people in the room this works really well. You can easily read while others watch TV in the same room. February 5, 2008
Great lamp! I was initially reluctant to spend this much for a floor lamp but I decided to take the plunge and try it out anyway. I am glad I did! Without a doubt this is the best reading lamp I have ever owned. It can adjust from giving blinding light down to a soft warm glow on the page. In fact I liked it so much I bought the smaller version for my nightstand. Now I can enjoy reading in bed without worrying about keeping my wife awake. This is really a great product that is very well made. I have now had both lamps for over 3 years and have not even needed to change out the bulbs yet! January 24, 2008
We bought 2 of these lamps for the bedroom as both me and my husband love reading in bed. So far they work very well. The lighting is good. The overall structure of the lamp is very solid. We hope they will stand the test of time. September 15, 2007
Disappointed I bought this lamp a couple of years ago. The lighting is good, however, the lamp head no longer remains cool to touch, the dimmer stick becomes detached from the base; using the wrench to reattach is useless. I am the only user and there are no children so inappropriate handling is not the issue. I expected a higher quality from an expensive lamp. September 9, 2007
Avoid I bought one of these lamps several years ago with the intent of using it as my main reading lamp. Although the bulb is very bright and it provided good illumination, the design of the piece left a lot to be desired. Within the first year of use, the flexible neck "broke" -- becoming impossible to adjust. Rather than remaining in place, the bulb end of the lamp would just droop down pointing directly to the floor. Although I've been pleased with other products I've purchased from Levenger, this one was a complete bust. And at $400 a big bust at that... August 4, 2007
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