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Rare Words II
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Rare Words II

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Item: RB0775
Rare these words may be, but oh-so-useful, as you'll see
This sequel to one of our bestselling word books provides whimsical rhymes in the best Ogden Nash tradition, to help you add words such as persiflage, chiliad, shivaree and vail to your vocabulary with ease.

Click here for some excerpts.

  • Sequel to our bestselling Rare Words book
  • 500 words with definition, part of speech and simple phonetics
  • Whimsical rhymes for many words to aid in remembering
  • Some words with high-scoring letters for Scrabble buffs
  • Category index in front, alphabetical index in back
  • Handy 4 1/2 x 9 1/4 size for bag or desk
  • Two-color presentation with charming illustrations
  • 139 pages
  • Not in the bookstores, only at Levenger
An opsimath/takes the path/of learning late./It's worth the wait! Authors Jan and Hallie Leighton made it worth the wait for Rare Words II, the smile-provoking sequel to their bestselling word book. This new batch of 500 rarities features lighthearted poems to help you remember many of the entries, along with definitions and simple phonetics. Here's the rhyme for perpend, which means to ponder or deliberate:

Hamlet, perpending,
delayed sending
the evil king to kingdom come,
but finally he killed the bum.

Scrabble buffs will appreciate entries such as qat, pyx and jape to help form words with high-scoring letters. Only from Levenger.
Rare Words II 4.7 5 6 6
Donnish Poem Astonished at the donnish thought that Bohemia was somehow better, I recalled Woodstock, unshaved legs and free-love communes after donning flower headbands, gulping down crocks of beans and rice that expanded unkempt pads with roommates' malodorous flatulence. Rare Words II has opened up a door where more and more I see the core of how and why my donnish leanings propel me far from freaked-out druggie mind-trips and towards a life of seeking better poetic earnings. Cha-ching! April 18, 2010
Rare Words Poem I remember you. You were here before, delivering excitement to my mind. I learned of your wisdom and the certain way you had with words. You gave new life to my r'epertoire of vocabulary that peaked the interest of the most intelligent kind. Now here you are again, fresh and new. I anticipate meeting you as I always wanted to before. I never had the courage and wondered how you would fill me? I look forward to the day that I will view you and take excitement of our future adventures together. April 15, 2010
Wonderful gift! I have just gotten rave reviews for this wonderful gift and my friends are hoping I'll get THEM one as well. For anyone who appreciates words, this is one gem you won't want to miss. Klaus PS - The cards are a great addition! May 17, 2009
Wonderful Gift I have loved both these books and have given them as gifts to friends and relatives who have also loved them. May 15, 2009
Clever rhymes These rhymes are hilarious. I laughed out loud several times. They also help you learn the meaning of the word and are not hard to memorize. May 15, 2009
Rare Words II - very good book Very interesting book! May 14, 2009
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