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Circa Leather iPad Foldover Notebook 3.5 5 2 2
Circa and iPad What a combination! I love both. (Well most of us do any way.) Putting them together is terriffic. I've been a circa customer for years and love the flexibility of the product. This is the first introduction of circa for my wife (for whom this was a gift). Levenger quality never disappoints.That said, depending on how you use your circa, you may want to consider a larger rign size. June 1, 2013
Not Sturdy Enough for Business Use I normally love Levenger products and am a longtime user of the Circa system. However, this particular congiguration fails because (1) it wasn't sturdy enough and couldn't stand being pulled in and out of a purse. I never had a problem with circa rings popping off a notebook before. (2) Because of the iPad or velcro placement on the left, I couldn't really take good notes on the back sides of the paper. The concept of pairing an iPad with a physical notebook is still very attractive to me, so I hope the Levenger designers can find one that works. I should note that if the iPad will sit on a desk and not be moved or put regularly in a briefcase, then this arrangement might work well enough, but there wouldn't be a real reason to get such an expensive item if you weren't using it to protect an ipad during transport. Sadly, I can't recommend this. May 31, 2013
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