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Pair Of Levenger Single Sheet Cutters

Price: $19.00
Two or more each $17
Item: AD260
Our paper cutter is the safe way to clip news articles
If you're a committed newspaper clipper, you'll find that these Single-Sheet Cutters are quicker and safer than scissors (and they also slice tenacious shrinkwrap). The cutting element is a tiny speck of ceramic that barely sticks out beyond its housing. Draw it across a newspaper, and just the top sheet is cut.
  • Set of two
  • Ceramic cutting element
  • Red housing stands out against the newspaper
  • 1 1/2W x 3 1/2D x 1/4H
Pair Of Levenger Single Sheet Cutters 5 5 40 40
Great little tool I love these and don't understand why there aren't many people selling something like them. I have had mine for years but they seem to walk away so I will get a couple more. I do think they cost more than they should, but still find them worth it. May 17, 2013
Great Item I've had these cutters for about a year and they are extremely handy for coupons. I also use them to cut my address from the front of envelopes, so I can shred it and recycle the rest of the envelope. It's a great item, and I hope Levenger doesn't discontinue them as it did the Letter Bean. I've had a Letter Bean for several years and I love it. A friend of mine saw mine and really wanted one, but Levenger had discontinued it. Please DO NOT discontinue the Single Sheet Cutters. I also miss the large push-pin style magnets Levenger discontinued. One would hold up a 12-page calendar. Please bring back the magnets and the Letter Bean. May 14, 2013
Terrific Product!!!!! I love this tool. It makes precision clipping and trimming a breeze. I wish I had ordered it before. January 21, 2012
Indispensable I have used these for years for coupon clipping, cutting articles and recipes out of magazines, and crafting. There is nothing like them anywhere. They are not sharp to the touch, and you don't have to worry about dropping them, but they cut through paper and even thin plastic easily. They're a little too tricky for my two-year-old son to figure out, but he loves playing with them anyway (supervised, of course). December 16, 2011
Indispensable tool I bought a bunch of these single page cutters years ago. They keep walking away, so I'm buying more. Despite extensive online shopping, I've never seen anything else like it. November 16, 2011
Perfect tool for the job This might have been the first Levenger product I bought, years ago. I got it for my father, who used to cut articles out of newspapers all the time, and it made a huge difference to his ability to do it. My mother gave it back to me after he passed away. Now my daughter thinks it's one of the coolest inventions she's ever seen. June 30, 2011
Perfect gift This little page cutter is almost magic! Can be carried anywhere, even in a wallet. AND IT PERFORMS LIKE NO OTHER PRODUCT IN THIS CATEGORY! December 31, 2010
Just plain love them. I cannot imagine living without these cutters. I have given many away over the years as gifts. My son when he saw them said, " I know you, you must have some more hidden somewhere and I want one". He was so right. I had 2 new packs ready just in case I lost mine. How about a little leather case for them that could be hung on a key chain or just plain sit in your purse? Would make good Christmas gifts. Big plus in Dr's office while reading their magazines. :) December 31, 2009
The best little tool! I bought these because I read magazines and catalogs while my husband takes a nap, and this way I can cut out pages and articles *quietly*, without ripping a page out and thus making noise! These are almost silent, and they work very well. How clever of Levenger to come up with a "tiny speck of ceramic" to do the cutting, which probably lasts forever and won't get dull with use. My aunt calls you "Clevenger" (clever Levenger) :) Highly recommended! April 20, 2009
Greatest Tool for Commuters I have used the cutters for years while commuting back and forth on the train. Often borrowed but always returned. The one improvement I would make would be to use a darker color for the center portion as the newsprint tends to make it loook grey and dingy. April 8, 2009
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