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Palomino Blackwing Long Point Sharpener

Price: $7.00
Item: PR1500
Make a good point: Palomino Blackwing Long Point Sharpener
Pencil aficionados from John Steinbeck to Thomas Wolfe have sung the praises of the Palomino Blackwing pencil, which was originally created in the 1930s by Eberhard Faber. Many corporate acquisitions later and amid dropoff of pencil enthusiasm, this beloved pencil was discontinued...but not forgotten. Charles Berolzheimer II has brought it back.
  • Long Point Sharpener has two 8mm sharpeners
  • On the left, it first sharpens the wood
  • On the right, it then sharpens the graphite to a long precision point
Long Point Sharpener 4.4 5 14 14
Best sharpener EVER I am a math person and this sharpener produces a point like no other. I keep one at home, one in my office and have a spare in my purse! July 3, 2014
Great when it worked..... So in all this sharpener is great and really gets a fine point on almost all pencils I used on it. Unfortunately the plastic is very cheap, and the lid's plastic became brittle and fell off. Once the lid is off there is no way to contain the shavings and the extra blades. The plastic should not be so poor considering that it is a high use area as you have to continuously open and close it to discard of the pencil shavings. May 10, 2015
Inefficient I am sorry to say that I did not get a sharp point when I used my pencil sharpener. It ate up my expensive pencils. January 2, 2015
Caution If you buy this pencil sharpener don't do what I did. I sharpened two new pencils with this and then went back to sharpen the pencils again and the tip kept breaking off. I thought that this pencil sharpener only worked on new pencils. I looked at the sharpener closer and found out that I broke a small piece of lead off in the second hole. Once fixed this is the best pencil sharpener I have ever had. The point it produces is about fifty percent longer then points produced by other sharpeners. There are two spare blades at the end of the sharpener which is a very nice touch. December 31, 2014
The real deal I have a pencil sharpener that is clearly a knock-off of this one with the two holes and orange plastic, but it's a piece of junk with the fine sharpener doing nothing but breaking the leads. This one from Levenger is the real deal. It's a small pleasure to have a sharp pencil for the daily crossword. December 18, 2014
Silent Writer Love this sharpener. Good quality. Works great. Makes good sharp point June 12, 2014
Who writes with pencils? Me! This sharpener is excellent. There are two holes for a reason. Hole 1 will sharpen the wooden part of the pencil. Once that is done hole 2 will sharpen the lead (graphite). Yes, it is plastic, so be gentle with the lid. June 12, 2014
Perfect Pencil Points every time There are pencil sharpeners ... and then there are pencil sharpeners. Some people go for the quick, drop it in the electric sharpeners and that's okay ... I prefer to develop the perfect point. The ones that provide the crisp lines that glide gently over the page. This dual system of shaving down the wood on one side and then sharpening it to the perfect point on the other, allows me to do just that. Partner it with the Palomino Blackwing pencil for the perfect writing experience. May 15, 2014
To make a point It is the search for the perfect sharpener that prompted this purchase. I am reluctant to give hard plastic cases five stars because they can get brittle. crack. check or the plastic hinge system break. But the case is nicely finished, textured, the seams are smoothed, etc. The two step system is inspired. and the pencil points seem strong and sharp. I am using it with only high quality graphite pencils not colored pencils, I cannot say the softer leads will hold the great point this sharpener makes. April 5, 2014
Getting the point This is not your grade school sharpener. It has the feel and function of quality. December 7, 2013
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