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Pelikan Duo Highlighter Fountain Pen 4.6 5 15 15
Great Tool for Fountain Pen Lovers The Pelikan M205 Duo Highlighter presents the same German quality you may be used to enjoying in your fountain pen collection. This one is much more specialized and ready to work from the moment you take it out of the box. The function is exactly the same as the standard M20X series pens. Piston fill, nice chrome highlights, and German engineering/precision. The nib is a BB (double broad) with a semi-flex feel that allows for limited line variation. I would refer to it's capability as an underliner rather than a true highlighter (but that's my style anyway). As you would expect, it's a very wet writer with a very good flow to lay down that highlighter line. The pictures clearly show it's a "demonstrator" style of pen that allows you to see all of the inner workings of your pen as well as the ink level remaining. Since this is a BB nib, you will see the ink level drop through normal use. I've used the pen with a range of papers from copy paper to fountain-pen-friendly paper to books, and you will be pleased with the results. In only a few circumstances should you see bleed-through on the paper. I can highly recommend this product as it now sits in my daily travel case for fountain pens. Great product from Pelikan! June 30, 2013
The ink is outstanding If you have any 205 model this one is very similar, the trim is closer to the 400-405 model. The pen is what you would expect from Pelikan - but the line is thin. I am mostly impressed by the ink. I've tried many highlighting and fluorescent inks but this is by far the best. Seems to do well on lower quality paper as well. Mine usually has a dry spot to start but quickly flows after starting. January 14, 2013
Interesting Product Bought this based on a reference from a co-worker - and am glad that I did! Never thought I'd spend this much on a highlighter, but am now finding myself highlighting more - and as a result, my notes are more effective. Great quality! December 30, 2012
Happy buyer I find this pen works on frist try, and performs well. The ink stays very visible after drying. On thinner paper it may bleed thru a little, but not bad. This is to be expected from any fountain pen. Very happy with the pen. October 9, 2012
Delightful Alternative Right width with perfect ink flow - doesn't smear the type. It serves my purpose in highting the text and of course I must remember that this is a fountain pen and not a fiber-tip. January 21, 2012
Works for me! First of all, it's a Pelikan. That says it all with respect to quality. I have been using it to highlight scholarly papers and books that I am using to write my PhD dissertation. It works perfectly--just the right width, perfect ink flow.and it doesn't smear the type. I've never enjoyed highlighting so much! August 10, 2011
Fascinating pen, NOT for everyone This unique and beautifully-made pen* is not for everyone, but if you already love fountain pens and their quirks, and wrinkle your nose at the esthetics of disposable hi-liners, you will love the Duo. As a gift, it will delight pen-heads, but I would be wary of giving it to an unsuspecting student or general-purpose reader. The Duo most certainly is not a substitute for disposable fiber-tip hi-liners. It yields a subtler, narrower line than a fiber-tip, and unlike a disposable, this pen works only when the nib is lower than the reservoir. This is a fountain pen, not a fiber-tip. The Duo's ink also bleeds through paper a bit more than a disposable; it will tend to show on both sides of newsprint, paperbacks and magazine paper. Not surprisingly, the ink performs best on papers that work best with fountain pen inks generally -- office and correspondence paper and of course Levenger's note cards and Circa Papers. The bottom line: This pen gets either a "5" or a "0" - it all depends on the user. The Duo is a special purpose tool that will delight pen-heads and frustrate unsuspecting readers. If you like to slouch on a couch with a disposable hi-liner,the Duo will infuriate you. But if you work at a desk and value a precise narrow line, this pen will open up new horizons in annotation. And a postscript. Passionate Duo owners should resist the urge to show off this pen to friends who aren't also pen-heads, or seriously compulsive readers with a drawer full of fiber-tip hiliners. These friends will admire your refined taste in writing tools, but everyone else will worry about their slightly-cracked friend who not only puts dayglo stripes on paper, but insists on using an expensive reproduction of a mid-century antique to do so. * I received this pen as a gift. , July 24, 2011
So dissapointed! Received this as a b-day gift & was thrilled! I am 1/2 way thru my PhD program so lots to highlight. I started using it immediately & first impression was that the nib dragged a bit, but new nibs do need to be broken in - I have been using a Mont Blanc fountain pen for years so def. have experience. Then found myself having to run the pen over the same lines of text repeatedly (not large text either - just average font size in academic text books). Finally, after I couldn't see where I had highlighted the day before because the ink dried dull and faint, I had to confess to the gifter that it would be best if it was returned, especially considering the $147 (at the time) price tag. I really, really wanted this to work out and I am sooo dissapointed. May 31, 2011
Highlighting pen Great pen. High visibility. Love it and recommend unequivocally! April 9, 2011
Don't have one--get one! Need underlining on a regular basis. This is a top quality pen doing a stellar job of marking papers, books, and even reminders of important jobs. You won't be sorry. Wouldn't trade mine for anything. Have to get the granddaughter college student one now. March 2, 2011
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