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Best side table for a sectional I'm not a big coffee table fan, which has created problems for my husband (multiple spilled drinks). Our large sectional couch doesn't have enough access points to tables to set down a drink while watching TV. This table is the perfect size to slide under the middle of the sectional so two people can share table space. The drawer is great for storing coasters. It's beautiful and well made. I made quite a career of looking at many different options and came back to this table, my first choice, due to style, size, quality of Levenger products and the handy drawer. January 29, 2013
A Stylish Option I found myself spending a lot of time on the couch writing and looked all over for a table that would suspend over the couch to make writing easier. Not an easy task. Most tables of this sort suspend over beds and don't go down low enough to make writing comfortable at couch level. This table was one of the few options I discovered, but I've purchased furniture for Levenger before and was always pleased with both the quality and look of their products. This table is no exception. It comes fully assembled. Made of solid wood, it's gorgeous (I got the cherrywood version). The metal frame is well constructed such that it remains perfectly balanced, even when I lean my hands on the keyboard. Though the polished steel frame has a slight 1970s-80s throwback, the table looks so nice you'll likely not notice it (and since it needs to be made of metal, I can't think of a better option). The drawer in it slides from either side, a nice feature, though it's not very deep. I thought it might be a good place to store my Harmony One remote, but it doesn't quite fit. If you want to slip a book in it, it better by a thin one. No room for WAR AND PEACE here. It nicely accommodates both my MacBook Air and iPad, so no big complaint here. Two things might be improved. While the drawer is a nice touch, it makes the table sit a few inches too high to make writing on it perfectly comfortable. If the metal frame simply supported a flat surface, the height would be ideal. Perhaps another option would be to some how make the height adjustable, or to take it down a few inches. Even still, it's the best option I could find. The other thing is that it is shaped as if you weren't sitting forward but to the side. Since this is often what I am doing, it works for me. When I do sit head on, there is the option of using the narrow end like a sort of slender TV tray. It works well for my 13" MacBook Air, but anything bigger wouldn't work. It might be nice it were wider (or deeper, depending how you look at it) to make facing it more conventionally an easier option. All-in-all a solid product that I would highly recommend. December 26, 2012
I like this table. I use it at work for additional desktop space and the drawer is extremely handy. I wish there was one with wheels availble so I wouldn't have to lift it to move it everytime. February 2, 2012
Love this table....I bought two of them! Perfect size and I love the small drawer that opens from either side....brilliant design! January 16, 2012
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