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Editors Desk 4.5 5 17 17
haiku poem angelic angle - when I am inclined to write it can do no wrong April 19, 2010
Invaluable (poem) Thoughts spring... Angled- for straight thinking The Aha moment April 14, 2010
Saved my shoulders! I saw this and wanted to buy it a long time ago, just balked at the price. I wanted the light-colored one, but it never went on sale...that I saw. Well, after being at school for 3 years now and dealing with the pain and discomfort from haunching over the kitchen table, I broke down and bought the dark wood that was on sale. I put it together myself in a few minutes and then...it was worth every penny and the best thing I did for myself!! I just wish they still had the vinyl cover for it. Levenger, if you are going to sell the desk, you must sell the vinyl cover as well. Thanks for selling such a wonderful product! March 1, 2013
Couldn't work without it I have had my Editor's Desk for 15 or so years. It has been invaluable to help relieve the neck strain that came from working at a flat desk. It is a fine compliment to my work area that allows me to organize and process a lot of work. I also bought the vinyl writing surface available at the time that protects the main writing area. September 19, 2012
must-have for painless reading I bought my Editor's Desk back in 1997 while working on my engineering degree. It helped me to drastically reduce neck and upper back pain that I had from bending over to read. Be sure to buy the plastic mat that fits the desktop. It adds just the write amount of cushion to make writing notes comfortable. Support kudos: After returning to school in 2006, I unpacked my disassembled Editor's Desk from storage only to find that I had lost the fasteners. I dashed off an email to Levenger and a few days later replacement fasteners arrived - free of charge! Levenger support rocks! September 5, 2012
Disappointing quality It seems that the reviewers who gave this item 5 stars have it a number of years. I have to agree with the more recent reviews about the current quality of the desk. The wood and finish are beautiful, but the cam screws included to attach the brace support are terrible. They don't fit properly and cause the desk to be a bit unsteady. I like the design, so I might try wood glue or something else to help stabilize it. But, I really am disappointed that a company like Levenger is resorting to cheap assembly methods typically used for cheaper furniture like Ikea or Sauder. I think these cam screws can work for those littler wood pieces, but trying to use them with heavier pieces just doesn't work. If you decide to buy this, wait for a sale. May 31, 2012
Besides Editing I used these desks for many, many, many years, working as an editor, proofreader, and writer. The shelf is perfect for storing frequently used reference materials, notes, books, & desk accessories.While I no longer work at a job, I still use mine for drawing and painting as well as writing letters. I have not yet contemplated life without this desk. Mine is more than 20 years old and still going strong. Simply the best. February 5, 2012
Cheap/Made in China/ Poor assembly I was excited to order this item. Unfortunately, I experienced the same issues the other reviewer did. The parts were incomplete, which was a problem to begin with. Also, the back support simply does not fit properly, as a result, it is wobbly and keeps coming out. I am pretty handy and have assembled hundreds of furniture items, far more complex than this. Looking at it and trying to make it work I realized that this piece looks nice at first, but is just very cheaply constructed. The quality at Levenger I have noticed, is going down. January 18, 2012
cheap assembly hardware I really can't use my desk because two of the three screws for the support piece in back don't screw in tightly, and those two lock screws keep falling out. The wooden dowels also seem too small. So, the desk is rickety and noisy (what with the back support not being attached snugly and the metal pieces clinking against each other). I might expect this from a low-end retailer, but not for a $170 desk accessory. I used to have one of these when I was in college and I loved it -- I remember it being very sturdy and a handsome piece. This seems like a cheap imitation of that. October 11, 2011
Still going strong I have had my desk for 14 years. I bought it to relieve the neck strain I got from leaning over a flat work desk for several hours a day. I definitely recommend the protective writing pad. The only thing I would change is the color: I purchased natural instead of dark. July 20, 2011
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