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Nantucket iPad Stand 4.5 5 8 8
Great IPad Stand I love this thing - especially to have my ipad handy on my desk or table. Very sturdy, no issues with the fit of the dowel like prior reviewers may have mentioned. January 28, 2013
Missed a step? Stylish and unique design. Problem: the peg that I received is not finished like the other piece is -- it is light, rougher, and does not match the larger piece or the other bamboo accessories I have ordered from Levenger. Perhaps as a result, the fit is not as snug as it should be and the peg falls out on occasion. I have to check it every time I move the stand to make sure my iPad does not fall over. June 22, 2012
A Blessing A Blessing in many ways especially when it sits on my desk holding my iPad to which I can refer easily while working at my desktop. Fits very well with iPad 2 cover and I wouldn't want the slit any wider. The one drawback and it is a big one for me is the angle of the support. I'm 5'8" at a standard desk and need to put something 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches under the support to get it at an angle at which I can read it with ease. Would suggest adding other holes in the back that gave a variety of possible angles for a variety of people. March 3, 2012
So Easy! Initially I got this to keep at work because of the slim, clean lines. Now I use it when I travel ... and even when reading my Kindle in bed. Even on sale it's a bit over priced but the design is spot on. February 20, 2012
best stand I have come across period I bought this stand for my Kindle and my Ipad. It is the best!!! The stick to hold up the wood base slips right in and when you are done you store the support stand stick into the base where your e-reader or I pad was. It comes with a pouch so you won't loose it. When you do get it, the instructions they will tell you where the "feet" go. The "feet" are tiny round stickers the size of a pencil eraser. You get 4. They are all on one small sticky square the size of a stamp. Peel off one circle at a time and stick it where the diagram says. These act as a " don't slide around " feature. The stand put together is light weight and small but will hold your device perfectly. One of my friends just got a Kindle Fire and I have ordered one for her. This will save her from having to find the right stand, unlike myself. I have three different " book holders" that are blown away by this little baby. I don't think you will be disappointed. December 22, 2011
Handy item Got this for my husband to hold his Nook when he's reading at the breakfast counter to help his posture a bit--and it does (if I remind him!). However, the slot is too narrow to hold the Nook in its cover, so he has to take the Nook out of the cover each time he uses the stand. So, if you could make the slot a bit wider, it would be perfect and not just an iPad stand. June 20, 2011
Clever Idea for IPOD/ITOUCH I was looking for something for when I am at work or on travel to hold my iTOUCH. I listen to music or self help CDs all the time and this lightweight product keeps my iTOUCH upright while playing. Nifty little invention with its own carry bag. Thanks Levenger for a wonderful product. May 28, 2011
Stylish and Useful I like this stand very much. It is elegant and attractive and a conversation peice on my desk at work. The peg/support fitting in the tray for storage and the mesh bag make this stand very conveninet in my bag as well. My only two detracting comments are that the angle is slightly (very slightly) off on a standard desk for a 6-foot man, and tray would be more useful if it were just a teensy bit wider--I can fit my iPad in there with the leather case, but I really have to jam it in. March 26, 2011
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