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Windowpane Page Holder Small 4.2 5 30 30
Haiku Poem Small treasured beauty holding words - important. Nature's dark cherry. April 19, 2010
I'd Pass I purchased this stand to compliment my decor. I am a pastor and I have to do a lot of reading. I will read a book and highlight and then transfer those highlights to my notes. So a book stand comes in handy - when it can keep the pages open for me. This one does not do the job. It looks nice and has a nice style, but I had to adapt it to make it work. I had to ad page holders based off of another book stand I own in order to keep the book open at a readable position. It is also very small. Will not function that great for larger books. the collapsible stand is VERY collapsible and you will certainly make it fall when moving the stand. With my added page holders I am still able to use the stand, but as is, I'd pass or plan to make the adjustments. Otherwise it is a waste of money. March 16, 2013
A+ I am handicap and until I found this reading my school textbooks was a chore having to lift it to my face with my one hand. This has made reading a breeze. I even had it personalized with my name. I have reason to believe this will see me through my college years and then some. November 13, 2011
Not that great for big college textbooks One reviewer mentioned something about the large version of this book holder... just received this small version. Most of my school textbooks are 700-1200 pages and have the standard 8x11 type of pages. My first impression was that this thing was way too small but it does a decent job on the 700 page textbooks, but big books like my 1200 biology book barely fit in the stand and turning a page is not all that easy. Its very easy for the holder to just collapse while you're trying to lift the book out a little while flipping a page. Even for the 700 page books, the holder is just under 7 inches wide so it only holds the book maybe 3 inches on each side of the center. For a college student with large textbooks, i'd look for something bigger. For small books, like in the product pictures above, or for an amazon kindle like someone else mentioned its probably perfect. The quality appears ok and its looks nice with the engraving... but again, its just so small. May 12, 2010
Does the job I use it mostly for my Kindle. I solved the potential to collapse with a rubber band. Wrap it around the suppor stickt, loop around the middle pane, loop around other side of support stick. It holds steady, even when I bump it or lift it with one hand to move it, and the rubber band keeps the Kindle from slipping. Great for the job. June 19, 2009
great product but too small what happened to the bigger windowpane book stand for larger textbooks? It was THE tool for serious reading and studying. Since it is gone from Levenger's catalog, there is absolutely nothing out there in the www that even comes close. February 27, 2009
Surprising I got this today, and was surprised at how light-weight it is. Didn't think it would hold much of a book, but I tried it out with a 2000+ page hardback. Didn't even budge. Outstanding, though the lip at the bottom could be a bit wider (the 2000+ pager doesn't quite fit), but for most books, this will be great. May 16, 2008
Useful tool This lightweight wooden stand is great for holding up small notebooks and pads for reading that is especially useful when one is working on the computer. Having the initials engraved gives it a bit of class. People in my office always ask where they can get one. March 3, 2008
Excellent Tool When you have to take notes from a book, this book stand is a perfect tool. I can take notes on my laptop without stopping to pick up the book so I can see it or going back to the right page. This frame is so much prettier than the metal ones. February 29, 2008
The Little Brother This windowpane stand is the paperback book size version of the stand Levengers used to sell. I ordered it thinking it was the big bookstand, not realizing it was the small size. It's now designed to hold the book in place better than its larger brother. I wish it came in the larger size. February 29, 2008
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