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Nantucket Lapreader 4.5 5 32 32
Greatest table for my lap top Best table for my iPad-also use it for reading-keep it on my lap or table-love that I had my name put on it July 2, 2015
Excellent product One of the best laptop stands I have ever purchased. June 11, 2015
I love it! I bought the Lapreader for my wife, but I use it myself at least 5 hours a day!!! It is great, and I can see I'll need to buy another one for my wife. March 19, 2015
Nantucket-Lapreader I am using it as I type this review. My hubby grabbed it the other night and would not give it back to me. So it is a win win for us! Nicely made comfortable a A+++ from us! February 26, 2015
What an awesome lap desk! I LOVE this lapreader/lap desk. I use it for my laptop or tablet, as well as reading, and love the removable round cushion to be able to hold a book or my planner in the curved edge, or have it above the curved edge with the cushion. Genius! It is very comfortable on my lap, too! Too soft cushions often get bunchy in your lap after awhile or have a material that can make you hot, but not this one! Even with my touchiness at times with Fibromyalgia, I can still use this lapreader. The pen/pencil and notepad holders make keeping those readily available and I am not having to find them on the floor. Totally awesome overall! I bought THREE of these for all of us in the house. Even OCD/discerning hubby liked it and said it was very well constructed. If we have guests and can spare one of these for the guest room, our guest(s) will be able to use it also. If you think this is too expensive, sign up for the sales and wait for one of them - you won't be disappointed! January 29, 2015
I use this Lapreader everyday with my laptop. Laptop fits perfectly. Love that the laptop sits on a slant to better access the keyboard. This Lapreader is well-designed and well-built. January 16, 2015
Great product! I use this mostly when sitting or in bed with my laptop. It provides a stable work surface and keeps my laptop at the correct angle. It keeps my lap cool and is made of a nice quality bamboo. It is well-designed and well-built. January 8, 2015
Perfect Size and feel for 15 in Laptop After thoroughly researching lap desks, I am so pleased that I purchased this one. It is lightweight and sits very comfortably on my lap. It adds a sturdiness to my typing and sits just right, so I don't need to cross my legs to lift it to the right height anymore. I love the pen and paper slot. Perfect for those little notes and always have a pen handy. My cord nestles easily into the pen slot, when not plugged in. The laptop and desk sit nicely on a side table when not in use. So easy to pick up together as a unit after I sit down. Well worth the money! January 8, 2015
great quality I was so pleasantly surprised when I received this lapreader. I use a large Kindle and it fits perfectly and still allows plenty of room on the side to take notes. The foam holder for my pen makes it perfect. It's so much more comfortable than propping my book on pillows and having pad and pen on the sofa. It's very well made with quality products and details. I loved mine so much I got one for my real estate friend who has held her iPad for years. She loves it too! December 18, 2014
Great Reading Aid The Nantucket Lapreader is beautifully made and a pleasure to use. It is comfortable on my lap and holds my book in the perfect position. July 25, 2014
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