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Swiftnotes 4.7 5 6 6
A durable, well-made constant companion! I have been using my SwiftNotes pad for several years and it has served me well -- great for jotting down notes, shopping lists, etc. The pad is well-constructed and durable and has survived being carried around in my pocket, thrown in my briefcase, etc. (carried everywhere). I have given several as gifts and I always get the same reaction "where did you find something like this, it's great!" and of course I tell them about Levenger! August 2, 2013
Excellent! I am notorious for re-engineering products. I wanted a case for my Droid phone that would keep it readily accessible, yet protect it fully. The dimensions of this case fit my phone perfectly, and it was on sale. I removed the pad, added two Velcro dots in it's place, and my phone is held securely in place. A stylus has replaced the pen, and works well to hold the whole thing together. The only thing missing was a strap, and I managed to find a red wrist strap that I was able to attach with a discretely placed safety pin. May 23, 2013
Excellent Hi, I have used this product for many years to keep track of my bank account. Now that I am going digital I have found that my LG Optimus S is about the same size as the swift note pads. This product works great as a folio for LG Optimus S phone. Thanks. God Bless. Aaron March 31, 2013
An improvement over the first model I purchased the first model of this item.The pen was too fat & short for writing. It was also unattractive.One had to force the pen through the double loops.Once in, it hung down below the bottom edge of the pad.I bought the newer model because of the described improvrements.I am very satisfied with my second purchase.It is well thought out; the pen extends to noirmal writing size with just a pull/no twist is required.The pen is attractive with a semi-fine to med point which is my preference.I added a monogram as I do for all my Levenger products. January 18, 2013
I Like it! I like these things about the Swiftnotes: great size for purse (not to big or thick), well made, inside pocket, pen writes verrrry smoothly (much better than anticipated). What needs improvement: perforation on the note pages (doesn't tear well), and the way the pen has to go through two holes to secure the book (the pen is a little thick to do this quickly) All in all: I still like it a lot!!! January 5, 2013
A bit disappointed I have been drooling over these pocket briefcases for quite some time. I decided to send a black one to my brother for his December birthday and ordered the saddle one for myself at the same time. (I wanted the red but apparently it was on back-order and I didn't want to wait until January.) The first word that came to mind when I opened the briefcase was 'flimsy." The pen clip is very tight and I have to be careful removing it from the loop so as not to stretch or pull the leather. And, I was expecting a more substantial-feeling notebook-type case not a soft one. The writing pad is very narrow - it somehow it looks bigger in the photo. I am glad that it comes with two of them. All that said, it will fit nicely into my small purse, the leather smells divine, and I do love owning something that came from Levenger. December 11, 2012
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