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Our Guarantee

We promise to deliver quality and value in every Levenger product. If you are not 100% satisfied, please let us know and we’ll make it right!


Levenger offers an attractive way to collect and organize your magazines and newspapers. Storage baskets are an attractive addition to any home décor. A leather or woven basket is a helpful organizer in any room.

About Baskets

A basket can mean a number of different things to any number of different people, so we do our best to keep your options open and plentiful when it is time to use a basket to find some attractive organization. A basket that has always been popular with both our staff and our customers is a relaxed leather basket, as this piece will offer a color rich and comfortable way to gather your details and keep them all together until you need them in-hand. The relaxed leather basket is a smart and dignified way to collect and store your magazines, newspapers, writing utensils or knitting supplies—virtually anything you need to relax can find a welcomed spot in the leather basket of your choice.

But the options don’t stop with a leather basket, for if your eye is favoring something in a soft looking, yet sturdy rattan or banana leaf basket to warm up your desktop, our woven basket collection can start you in the right direction, and keep you there. Gather it all up and finally have an attractive place to put it, choosing a unique basket from the many options in our online catalog listings.