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Clip On Book Lights

Find the perfect book light to read in bed or add more light on a page just where you need it. Relieve the strain on your eyes by using a book light that will direct crisp white light onto those captivating pages. Let us help you get to the end of that novel with a book light from Levenger.

About Clip On Book Lights

Make any place a more comfortable and efficient place to read with our clip on book light putting things in a better light. Powered by batteries and ready to go wherever you do, our clip on book light makes an ideal traveling companion or can simply bring more flexible options to your daily reading comfort. The slim, ergonomic design and strong clamp of our clip on book light lets you bring a brighter approach to any reading situation, letting you redefine your ideas of portability and convenience. Our clip on book light delivers a bright, concentrated beam, brightly and clearly illuminating the passages of any novel, short, or article you are reading.

Perfect as a bedside companion, our clip on book light allows any midnight reader to get their fill while a sleeping partner remains just a few inches away, completely undisturbed. The clip on book light directs the light source onto your reading materials and not out into the surrounding areas, so even on a crowded commute or on an airplane at any time of the night, our clip on book light makes every word you read more accessible, clear, and personal. Even a well-lit room does not offer you the same direct and immediate possibilities offered by the clip on book light, the essential accessory to assure you every single word will be enjoyed to its fullest potential.