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Barristers Book Cases

If you are searching for smart storage for your books, Levenger is your source for quality bookshelves, book carts and more. We offer bookcases that are versatile and portable and provide storage for your growing collection of books.

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About Barristers Book Cases

When beloved British novelist and barrister John Mortimer was questioned concerning the state of the modern novel, he quipped, “The shelf life of the modern hardback writer is somewhere between the milk and the yogurt.” Perhaps the written word is still losing shelf space to other forms of modern entertainment, but Levenger trusts in preserving the value of a well-written book and has answers for everyone making space in their Barristers book case for the next modern classic. For those who still prefer a good read over whatever flavor-of-the-month x-entertainment is currently being offered, Levenger’s Barristers book case gives you the perfect partner for your ongoing literary journey. Levenger’s attractive and functional Barristers book case is a beautiful complement to your home or office reading space and each is lovingly hand crafted from select hardwood offered in a variety of finishes to accent your décor.

The Barristers book case comes with gorgeous glass-fronted doors, equipped with a whisper-quiet opening mechanism that can be easily operated with one hand while sitting in your favorite reading chair. The tall section of our Barristers book case will accommodate books up to twelve inches in height while the medium section will hold books ten inches tall. Pair up our Barristers book case with Levenger’s matching Barrister file cabinets to create an entire wall of beautiful protective storage and display for your most treasured books and important documents.