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Cherry Book Cases

If you are searching for smart storage for your books, Levenger is your source for quality bookshelves, book carts and more. We offer bookcases that are versatile and portable and provide storage for your growing collection of books.

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About Cherry Book Cases

As any serious reader would agree, a fully stocked cherry book case is a vision of pure beauty to behold. And as Christopher Morley once wrote so adeptly, “In every man’s heart, there is a secret nerve that answers to the vibrations of beauty.” Levenger’s online catalog is now ready to tune-in your own heart to the beautiful vibrations emanating from the solid cherry book case currently available through our online listings. Crafted of hand selected domestic and imported cherry hardwoods, each cherry book case has beveled edges and a smooth gloss finish to protect and serve you well.

The spacious shelves on our cherry book case have a slight tilt toward the back, offering the spines of your selections at an optimum reading angle from any part of the room. You can choose between a natural grain look or have your cherry book case delivered with a deep stain to better match your existing furnishings and décor. A perfect addition to most any room in the house, you can use a cherry book case to remove the clutter of too many novels or children’s books piling up all over the place. Put your books back where they belong, in a place of beauty and respect created by the shelves of your Levenger cherry book case.