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Elastic Bookmarks

No other tool works as simply and efficiently as a bookmark. Use our ingenious Book Bungee bookmark to mark your page and protect your book, or use the Page Points to mark your page or a passage. Mark the spot in your book so you can quickly get back to finding out how the book ends.

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About Elastic Bookmarks

True innovation meets splendid design with an elastic bookmark. Think of all the times you’ve allowed your friends to borrow a favorite read and it’s come back with creased corners and tattered pages. Don’t let this be a reason to stop sharing your books. Next time, include a revolutionary elastic bookmark with your library loan and they will get the hint. Not your ordinary page marker, an elastic bookmark does triple duty. First and most importantly, an elastic bookmark keeps your place in your book securely.

No need to worry about it sliding out no matter how much your book is handled. That’s because it also ensures that your book stays closed with its colorful, wide elastic bands that wrap around the front and back cover. Your book will not be vulnerable to falling open leaving its pristine pages victim to debris and damage. And, finally, as an added feature, an elastic bookmark looks great. In fun colors, order a set and pop one in each book you loan out to a friend. Just don’t be surprised if your friend returns the book, but keeps your elastic bookmark!