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Executive Desk Blotters

An ordinary desk is instantly transformed into an exquisite workspace with the addition of a desk set. Shop our collection of leather desk sets that include a desk pad, pen cup, in-box, and more. If you need just the desk pad or blotter we have that too. Add beauty to your desk surface and organization is our gift to you.

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About Executive Desk Blotters

Perhaps you are like those of us who have fallen in love with the old world feel and tradition, as well as the hint of nostalgia in a classic fountain pen; and then you know first hand that sometimes you get a little too much ink in your page and need the help of executive desk blotters to soak it up to keep your important hand lettering and careful stroke at its crisp and elegant finest. Our executive desk blotters are lined with thick reusable blotter paper that will quickly soak up any stray drops of ink that might otherwise deface or detract from the handsome lettering and careful attention to form in your document.

Levenger offers a wonderfully eclectic selection of executive desk blotters and other classic desk accessories that will satisfy your penchant for doing things with any measured degree of traditionally deliberate methodology. Find your art in the ordinary. Fountain pens, colored inks, and classic inkwells will all look at home alongside your executive desk blotters from Levenger’s online catalog, and you can choose between a hand held executive desk blotters in a variety of motifs or desk pad style executive desk blotters to underlie your written documents. Using a fountain pen, inkwell and any one of the executive desk blotters currently offered in Levenger’s online catalog is a sentimental and aesthetic thrill of which you will never tire, and will introduce or reacquaint you with a practiced art that has many ordinary, yet wonderful applications.