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In Out Desk Trays

Organize your home office or work area with our collection of desktop filing systems. Organize your projects with our file organizers or put your bills in their place with our bill organizers. We have the desk organizer to handle all of your papers.

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About In Out Desk Trays

Rocket engineer Wernher von Braun said, “We can lick gravity, but sometimes the paperwork is overwhelming.” We couldn’t agree more. We have managed to land men on the moon but are stumped at what to do with all the stuff on our desks. Until NASA comes up with a better solution, keep your planet of paperwork under control with a set of in out desk trays. Each day, hordes of papers cross your desk. Some of it arrives through the mail and some is dropped off while you’re at lunch.

Avoid the dreaded pile when you return from your break and show your coworkers where those memos and reports go. With an in out desk tray, you are the navigator of the paperwork trail and you can decide where that trail begins and ends. Don’t keep moving piles of paperwork time and time again only to be on the hunt for something buried in them days later. Keep a set of in out desk trays on your desk and you’ll know exactly which tray from which to retrieve your documents and which tray houses the ones that need to go elsewhere.