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Leather Mouse Pads

Make your time spent on the computer more enjoyable by using a mouse pad from Levenger. Crafted of the highest quality leather, our mouse pads will allow your mouse to roll around smoothly while adding a special touch to your desk at the same time.

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About Leather Mouse Pads

A leather mouse pad is a smart and attractive way to find more to enjoy out of every click when using your computer’s mouse. Use our wide variety and diverse online listings to find an elegant and efficient leather mouse pad in a range of sizes and colors that are made to fit perfectly into any working situation. Crafted of fine Italian leather with options that include a padded rest for proper wrist elevation or available space for organizing some smaller items, your leather mouse pad will certainly make the most of your current and future working environment.

Save your wrist and fingers from the strain and complications of carpal tunnel syndrome, and add a handsome accent to your desktop with a leather mouse pad, truly a perfect blend of style and function. The warm, rich tones of your leather mouse pad will become deeper and more complex with the patina of time and your daily use, and the smooth exterior finish is naturally rugged, durable, and stain resistant. For an easy way to add a handsome accent to your existing or growing collection of functional desktop accessories, choose the leather mouse pad as a lasting way to get more out of every click of the mouse.