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Leather Pen Holders

Organize your pens, note cards, paper clips, highlighters and more with our selection of desktop organizers. Everything will have its place and your desk will remain clutter free when you organize your desktop. Reclaim your desk area and all the tools you use daily will be within reach.

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About Leather Pen Holders

Sure, you spend a lot of time on the computer, but nothing means more than your handshake, your word, and your signature on that document. When your John Hancock is needed, reach for your favorite pen from a beautiful leather pen holder atop your desk. Don’t hide your writing instruments in a dark drawer to roll around and get lost. A leather pen holder is a gorgeous accessory and a simple and practical way to redefine your work space. Essential for those who host clients in the office, a leather pen holder is an invitation to “help yourself.”

Leather pen holders look great on your desktop or at home by the phone. Keep one next to your bed and maybe you’ll be inspired to start a daily journal. We’ve even heard of people using their leather pen holder to store makeup brushes on the bathroom counter or art supplies in the studio. The options abound for such a versatile container. Levenger brings you a myriad of choices from classic and regal to fun and bold. You’ll be so impressed with the fine detailing and beautiful color choices, you’ll be searching for something that is worthy of residing in it.