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Folio Notepads

Shop our unique collection of leather folios designed for your work style. Choose zippered folios, slim folios, writing pads, padfolios, flip writing folios and more. All are crafted from the finest leather available. Combine sleek style with extra features when you select a leather folio from Levenger.

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About Folio Notepads

Always be prepared with a folio notepad in your hand. Research has proven that your memory may not be as accurate as you think. With that in mind, write this down – Get a folio notepad from Levenger. See, you’re on your way to a better memory already. Bring your folio notepad with you to meetings and lunches, to conferences and training sessions. Make sure you have a folio notepad on your desk for all of your phone calls whether you’ve done the dialing or they called you. Have one on hand for interviews, no matter what side of the desk you find yourself on.

A folio notepad is the ultimate way to ensure that you say what you mean and that you heard the other party correctly. Jot down questions and important points to bring up later. Outline what you’d like to cover, or just doodle in the margins as your boss rambles on and on about optimizing innovative synergies and cultivating bleeding-edge niches. How you use it is up to you, but a folio notepad is the perfect companion to guarantee clear communication. Hey, maybe you should get one for your boss. In lovely design options, you can find one that suits your particular taste and the way you like to write. You may choose one for your desk phone and one to take with you. Or, you may have one faithful friend that travels with you everywhere. A folio notepad from Levenger is ready to record it all, from the most important details to the most mundane matters. All you have to do is remember to take it with you.