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Notepad Holders

Shop our unique collection of leather folios designed for your work style. Choose zippered folios, slim folios, writing pads, padfolios, flip writing folios and more. All are crafted from the finest leather available. Combine sleek style with extra features when you select a leather folio from Levenger.

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About Notepad Holders

All day long, you’re jotting down notes and the pages of your notepad are showing the wear. Enclose your steady companion in a notepad holder and ensure that the notes you take are secure and professional looking. Grab a notepad holder to take with you to your next meeting and, whether it’s with the shareholders or the PTA, your colleagues will be impressed by the way you command your notes. Perfect for those in the job market, a notepad holder is the ideal accessory in which to bring your questions and resumes to an interview. Plus, it provides a steady writing surface for you to jot down the notes from your meeting.

A notepad holder guarantees that even the most basic scrawl looks polished and put together. Best of all, it allows you to take your notes with you in style. Levenger’s classic designs reinforce your good taste while serving the valued function of ensuring you have an accessible spot for your notes. Comfortable to the touch and easy to tote in your briefcase or in your bag, a notepad holder redefines that trusty notepad as a real member of your writing arsenal.